Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Ten on Tuesday - A New Tradition, Finally a Winner, and Clothes for Cooper

one. So hopefully you saw my last post and that we are indeed having a BOY and his name is Cooper Timothy! Long before he was a twinkle in his daddy's eye I posted a list of my favorite baby names. Not much has changed. Only difference is had he been a Lillian her middle would have been Belle.

two. Chris and I might have started a new Sunday tradition! The past couple of weeks we've gone grocery shopping together and fixed crock pot meals for supper. Last night (on the hottest day of the year so far for us) was taco soup.

three. As if this past weekend wasn't awesome enough, I came home Sunday to find that I was the winner of a $50 gift card from Lindsey to anywhere of my choice! Talk about perfect timing! This mama is going to Target!

four. Hahaha:

five. Speaking of which, I've been making a conscious effort to give the kitties extra loving, because you know, their lives are about to get a little strange.

six.  Hallelujah.  Only one month until Sons of Anarchy and then ALL of our of favorite shows come back a month later.  Plus the Emmys are soon!

seven. Basically my life at this point:

eight. I'm debating calling a chiropractor. That back pain I talked about is getting worse. Yesterday wasn't so bad but Saturday wasn't good and Sunday was very painful. Hurt to walk, move, lay down, sit up, you name it.

nine. How cool is this! Disney princesses in the styles of the years their movies came out:

ten. After work Chris, myself, my parents, and sister are all going to David and Tracie's.  Tracie was THRILLED when we found out it was a boy because after having two little boys herself she's eager to get rid of apparent MOUNTAINS of boy clothes and goodies.  Guess who the lucky recipients are:  The Whitts.  Loving it.

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Monday, July 28, 2014

It Was Always Cooper

This weekend has been so overwhelming in such a good way.
Saturday evening with our immediate family and closest friends, we found out that we are having a BOY!!
We finally get our Cooper Timothy. The hypothetical baby we've been talking about for years is finally ours.

Kaylen, in three weeks, planned and executed a really awesome gender reveal party. She even hired a photographer to get pictures and I can't wait to share them with you when we get them! She thought of everything. There was an Old Wives Tales board. There were pink and blue ink pads so guests could make their thumbprint predictions. There were pink and blue clothes pins so they could wear their guesses. There were adorable pink and blue onesies strung across the picture window with a table full of, you guessed it, pink and blue treats and food.

I was nervous, excited, and WIRED all day long. I woke up at six and started deep cleaning the bedroom and bathroom at seven. Could NOT sit still. I was already anxious when the party started and FREAKED OUT when I saw our good family friend walk in with THE balloon. A black balloon filled with confetti that would tell us if we were having a son or daughter in January. And I was immensely relieved when Kaylen told me we were popping the balloon NOW before we ate. I didn't think I could handle it much longer. We all went outside and I held the balloon between two hands and Chris held the pin. I was about to cry or hyperventilate or both before he ever popped it. We were seconds away from a Cooper or a Lillian and I was cracking.

When Chris popped the balloon and blue confetti came EXPLODING out I screamed because I was SHOCKED! The closer we got to time, the more and more convinced I was it was girl. I was fully expecting pink confetti to go flying. My reaction in the video is one of genuine shock, awe, and JOY.  I would have been just as happy and excited if it was a girl; a Lillian to dress up and cover in pink.  But it's just natural that we should have a boy (this go round anyway).  If you can see, after the pop, Chris is asking me "what is it?!". He's colorblind and has a really hard time with pastel colors. He was the last to know! I will never forget the look on his face when I screamed IT'S A BOY!!! Just joy and tears.  It was one of the most exciting and happiest moments of my life thus far.   (I love how when the camera pans over you can see Mom and Kaylen hugging.) We were both walking on a cloud the rest of the night.
It was just always supposed to be Cooper.

Yesterday was a really good day. We got up, got an early lunch, and hit Buy Buy Baby to get some cocoa butter for me and to pick out Cooper's first onesie:

Clearly he will come into the world trendy.
We took our time walking around looking at everything, making a mental list or things we liked for later, and just kind of basking in it all.

I'm feeling so completely happy and blessed today. Blessed because we're getting Cooper and blessed because he's already so loved by people that love US.

So Chris is preparing to have a star quarterback/tennis pro/baseball great.
I'm preparing for him to be like me and not have an athletic or coordinated bone in his little body.

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Gender Predictions

Tomorrow we can put name to our baby!  We're going to find out what it is with our nearest and dearest at a gender reveal party tomorrow night planned exclusively by Kaylen.  I'm so overwhelmed right now with emotion.  Sunday morning when we wake we'll know if we're going to have a son or daughter.  We'll know when January comes and we're holding a newborn wrapped in a blanket if it will be wearing a blue or pink baby beanie.  We'll know what color to start painting the nursery and we will FINALLY be able to start buying clothes!  Either way it will be a snappy dresser...

I know all the baby gender predictors are old wives tales and really don't mean anything but they've still been fun to look at and tally up!
Here's what the old wives, the Chinese and the Mayans have to say about Baby W:

gender prediction chart, boy or girl, pink or blue

Kaylen REALLY wanted me to pee in a cup of baking soda to see if it fizzed. Not happening, sister.
Chris said the Mayans were wrong about the apocalypse, why would they be right about this?  A fair point, I guess.
At work, a coworker put up signs by my desk for people to sign their name and take a guess.  Girls were ahead from the get go.  13-9 last I counted.

These next two days are going to be the longest days in history.
What's your guess?  To be fair, I won't tell you what I think it is or about the dreams I've been having!  But there's a 50/50 chance I'm wrong too! 
So is Baby W a little fella or lady?

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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Baby W Update - 15 1/2 Weeks

We had our monthly appointment and an ultrasound yesterday!  We told the technician right off the bat we didn't want to know the gender yet and that we had an envelope for her.  She turned off the monitor in front of us and looked for herself.  She said the very first thing she saw was the baby's legs spread wide open so there was NO guessing!  Chris was a little disturbed by this and now hopes it's a boy.
After she took some pictures and wrote down the gender she turned the screen back on for us.  It was awesome.  I had a pepsi on the way to the hospital and it really worked!  The baby was moving all over the place.  It was so surreal.  It doesn't seem like there's enough room in there for all that!  It actually looked like a baby.  Last time we saw it in May it looked like a butter bean.
After the ultrasound the doctor met with us and listened to the heart.  Baby has a good, strong heart beat and everything seems to be going swimmingly (so to speak).

I haven't really done any "bumpdates" and I'm ashamed that I haven't taken more pictures!  To look at me there really hasn't been many changes and I'm still waiting to get that nice, little round belly.  But here is the first official update!

Weight Gain: Five pounds.  I'm shocked it's not 10-15 with as much as I've been eating.

Clothes: Shirts are good but pants are getting a little snug around the middle! I’ve been doing the rubber band trick on my jeans to make them a little more comfortable.

Symptoms: Headaches. Sometimes I wake up with them and when you wake up with a headache those suckers stick around ALL DAY. Tylenol Extra Strength is pretty much useless against them.
Back pain.  Like a shooting pain in the lower left back that takes my breath away sometimes.  The doc said it was most likely the sciatic nerve and it's just par for the course and to use icy hot or ask about a chiropractor if it gets too painful.

Cravings: I FINALLY started craving something, ANYTHING healthy! One day lima beans smacked me in the face and I started wanting cooked veggies. Lima beans, black eyed peas, squash, okra. What I HAVEN’T been wanting is meat. That’s not usually like me. It’s not that the thought of it makes me sick or anything. I just…don’t want it. And then of course there’s Taco Bell…

Sleep: Sleep is getting more difficult at night. I’m ALWAYS tired but I toss and turn all night and wake up several times. And not even because I have to hit the bathroom. Quite frustrating.  Sleep is my favorite and I know once baby gets here that pretty much goes out the window.

Stretch Marks: Nope. If anyone has any good suggestions for stuff to rub on your belly and be proactive, shoot!

Missing: Almost daily tuna fish sandwiches (now it’s every couple of weeks), and coffee whenever I want (Doc said I could have two servings of caffeine a day but I’m being super safe about caffeine).

Nursery: Currently it's kind of the catch all room.  There's a treadmill, an old book shelf I use as a drying rack, and a few boxes of random stuff we don't use.  Currently it's powder blue (the same color as the guest room) and has a nice white chair rail.  After this weekend we can start cleaning it out and getting ready to decorate and (maybe) paint!

Stay tuned for gender predictions!

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