Thursday, October 30, 2014

Spooky Movies Revisited

Howdy, friends. We leave for Gatlinburg TONIGHT. I'm bummed I'll miss Halloween at work but...Gatlinburg. Still I couldn't let my second favorite holiday go ignored. So I'm reblogging my favorite Halloween post from last year on my favorite subject: movies.

I like Halloween.  Have I mentioned that?  Couldn't remember.
One of my favorite things to do in October (when I'm not carving a pumpkin or finding my way out of a corn maze) is to grab the kitties and a blanket and turn on a good Halloween movie.  There are a few that I MUST watch each year.  In no particular order, here are my favorite spooky movies.

"I'm like any modern woman trying to have it all: loving husband, a family... I only wish I had more time to seek out the dark forces and join them on their hellish crusade."
I've always liked this better than the first Addams Family!  I love Anjelica Huston as Morticia and you have to like crazy Joan Cusack.  I don't know which scene I like more: Gomez and Ticia's tavern tango or the Thanksgiving Day revenge of the nerds.  Can you believe this movie was made 20 years ago?
"You show me Regan's double, same face, same voice, everything. And I'd know it wasn't Regan. I'd know in my gut. And I'm telling you that 'thing' upstairs isn't my daughter."
I forced Chris to watch this last Halloween and he still hasn't recovered.  The sight of Regan is too much for him.  If you want to be seriously disturbed, watch this movie.  Alone.  In the dark.  What could possibly drive an atheist mother to beg a priest for help?  One badly placed crucifix.  This movie is more about a man struggling with his faith than a girl spewing pea soup.
-"Go to hell!"
-"Oh, I've been there, thank you.  I found it quite lovely!"
You can't have ANY Halloween movie list without Hocus Pocus.  I have this movie set to record on my DVR and Saturday night can't get here soon enough.  Everything that comes out of Bette Midler's bucktooth mouth is hilarious.  But why am I tell you this?  You probably know every word by heart.

"I threw a book at the bookshelf and WHOOSH she opened!"
It's a goofy cheeseball of a movie starring Barney Fife himself.  Don Knotts works at a small town newspaper and has the opportunity to write his own story...if he stays in the supposedly haunted Simmons mansion for a night.  Hilarity ensues.   Kaylen and I watch this with Daddy every year.  And we always laugh like it's the first time we've ever seen it!  Attaboy, Luther!

"It's a pity you didn't know when you started your game of murder that I was playing too."
I told you I watched this Saturday and I will in all likelihood watch it again before Halloween.  It stars Vincent Price whose voice was so awesome I could sit and listen to him read the dictionary.  It's mostly cheesy fun but there is one scene with a floating woman that might give you a jump.  Not to mention the music is super creepy.  This would be an awesome movie to have on in the background at a Halloween party.
"Wendy? Darling? Light, of my life!? I'm not gonna hurt ya. You didn't let me finish my sentence. I said, I'm not gonna hurt ya. I'm just going to bash your brains in."
I read somewhere that Stephen King wasn't happy with Jack Nicholson as the main character because Jack Torrence is supposed to be an "everyman" who slips slowly into madness and let's face it, Nicholson looks like he's already halfway there.  I think Jacky boy MADE the movie.  It's a creepy classic with visuals that will pop back into your mind late at night.  And I don't care what Kaylen says, if we have twin girls I'm going to dress them as the Grady twins for Halloween.
"I spent eight years trying to reach him, and then another seven trying to keep him locked up because I realized that what was living behind that boy's eyes was purely and simply... evil."
Of course this is on my list.  I mean, it's called "Halloween".  Duh.  I've been watching this movie since I was a little kid.  Granted it's not as scary as when I was nine but there are scenes that still make me scream at the TV "freaking run faster!".
There you have it.  Did I leave anything out?  What's your favorite scary movie?  =)
Have a wonderfully spooky, SAFE Halloween tomorrow!

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Going to Gatlinburg and Getting Our Wish

Tomorrow after work we are headed to Gatlinburg (aka. my favorite place in the world)! Every time we visit I think, “…I could live here.” We’re all packed (mostly), the weather is shaping up to give us snow, and I’m so looking forward to a couple of days with the family strolling along the parkway and EATING ALL THE THINGS!

On my to-do list is:
-buy CT a Gatlinburg onesie
-hit up the magnet store for some to add to my cabinet at work
-get a free fudge sample EVERY SINGLE TIME I PASS A FUDGE SHOP
-take our traditional chair lift photo
-visit the Celtic shop
-eat some divinity
-walk along River Road

Last year when we went in November, we stopped at a huge outdoor store on our way out. The place reminded me of a Bass Pro Shop with multiple levels and waterfalls and streams and what not. I love to toss pennies into fountains and make wishes. On the second floor I asked Chris for change to toss into the pool below. He got out a nickel (or maybe even a dime, I can’t recall) and said, “Let’s make a wish together. I won’t say it and you won’t say it but we’ll drop it together.” We held the coin together over the railing, paused long enough to close our eyes and make our wish, and dropped it.
Six months later we got our wish! And a year later our wish will be accompanying us back to Gatlinburg. He has to. He’s kind of attached.

Later, friends!

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Ten on Tuesday - Pumpkins, TWD, and Push Presents

 one. There are going to be FOUR posts from this blog this week. I know, I can't believe it either.

two. Saturday Mom, Kaylen, I spent FOUR HOURS walking around the mall looking for outfits for the baby tea. I walked away without a dress but my ever generous mother spoiled me at Destination Maternity with two tops, a pair of jeans, and some “unmentionables”. Kaylen and I also had too much fun in the dressing room with the “bump pillow”.

three. Haha. The end cracked me up.

four. TWD SPOILERS HERE! I'm so glad the cannibals are dead! I was kind of hoping they'd turn from eating Bob after he'd been scratched though. #BoBBQ #RIPBob And who in the hades is in the woods with Daryl? Carol?? BETH??? I can hardly contain myself.

five. Looks like I'm NOT going to reach my goal of being completely done Christmas shopping this month. Oh well. Only three more gifts to go! Usually I haven't even started yet!

six. Baby check up today.  Appointments are every TWO weeks now, which means the end is near.  That sounded more ominous than I meant for it to.

seven. Sunday afternoon we got together for our yearly pumpkin tradition! We’ve been doing this with David and Tracie for 14 years and it’s neat to look back on pictures and see our growing families! And it’s crazy to think next year there will be an addition to our party!  T on Chris's shoulders melts my heart a little bit.

eight. Last night on our bed I watched Dixie kill AND CONSUME a moth.  Quite disturbing.

nine. Have you ever heard of a "push present"? I had to google it. Apparently it's a new trend where the new father buys the new mother a gift to say "thanks for PUSHING out my kid". This could go well for me...

ten. And now some uber cute happiness for your Tuesday:

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Monday, October 27, 2014

A Letter To My 16 Year Old Self

Dear 16 Year Old Alyssa,

I’m your future, 26 year old, married, pregnant self. Yep. Ten years from now you’ll be married to that guy you’re crazy about, you’ll own a home you both worked hard for and congrats! You’ll be pregnant with your first baby! Oh and you’ll finally have those cats you always wanted. Life gets pretty peachy for you.

Of course you WILL have the “peaks and valleys” that everyone talks about. The highs and lows. Your highs are VERY high. Some of the most exciting, memorable moments of your life are coming up. You’ll sob tears of joy and walk on many a cloud. I’m playing a slideshow in my mind of some of your best moments (and I’ll keep them to myself because I don’t want to ruin it for you).

…But don’t start celebrating just yet. You’re a lot stronger than you think are. You’ll find this out when you don’t have a choice, girlfriend. Bottle up any of that leftover strength because your lows get pretty low. They’ll get so low they’ll nearly incapacitate you and you’ll feel pain in ways you never imagined. I won’t lie to you. For a while it gets really rough and you’ll think there’s no end to this sad little parade.

But take faith and have hope because tomorrow will be kinder! It gets better. It gets sooo much better. You’ll be happy to the point of disbelief and you’ll pray that God never takes this life from you. You are so loved and you’ll love so deeply it frightens you. You won’t just be happy. You’ll be full of joy.

Like I said, I don’t want to spoil anything for you, so I’ll just leave you with a few tidbits of knowledge:
Learn to be observant and read between the lines when it comes to people you know. Not everything is black and white.
Kaylen is annoying now, but she gets a lot cooler.
Sparkly, red, strapless dresses are not to be worn to church.
Ask Maw lots and lots of question. You’ll want to know every little thing about her later.
Stop being so jealous. The guy really digs you because he’s still around ten years from now even though sometimes you don’t deserve it.
Stop and savor as many moments as you can. Time gets faster every year you get older.

Be good.

26 Year Old Alyssa

Helene in Between Blogtober

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