Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ten on Tuesday - $20 Nail Polish, Unwanted Advice and a Big Freakin' Roach

 one. Sunday night Chris and I were watching a movie and I was curled up into him with a big quilt over me. I glanced to my left because I thought I saw something move. Then a minute later I thought I saw something move closer to me. THEN I felt something touch my arm. It was a ROACH. A ROACH ON MY PERSON. Naturally I screamed and threw the quilt which threw the roach onto my belly. I then proceeded to scream some more and dance a jig accordingly. That was literally the most traumatic thing that has happened to me in a while.

two. This weekend I did some actual maternity shopping. Old Navy’s regular jeans have never done anything for me but their maternity skinnies fit perfectly. Go figure. I got said jeans and a top and Saturday found a cute basic long sleeve top at Target. I think that’s how I’m going to do my maternity shopping: gradually little by little.

three. I think this might be the first poop joke ever on this blog:

four. I'm finally reading The Shining (my favorite scary movie) and I've decided I need more Stephen King in my life.

five. George Clooney is married??  File that under Didn't Think That Would Ever Happen.  Seriously.  Hope that works out for him.

six. Sunday night I made this sweet and sour chicken for us. Pretty good! And of course super easy, like everything I make. Next time I’m going to add some pineapple preserves to the apricot I used.

seven. Saturday I got out by myself and got my hair trimmed and my nails done. Mom gave me a gift certificate for a free manicure. The little lady started telling me about gel polish and how much better it is and yack yack yack. I didn’t ask and she didn’t mention that it was $20 MORE EXPENSIVE than regular polish. So my free manicure wasn’t as free as I thought it would be. I beat myself up pretty hard about that…

eight. I found Cooper's future Halloween costume:

nine. I swear it's the same song and dance with Gus and Dixie every day.  They walk around while we're getting ready yelling at us like I don't feed them every morning at 7:20 on the dot.

ten. Me when men try to give me pregnancy advice:

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Monday, September 29, 2014

A Word from Dixie - This Might Not Be a Bad Thing

calico, cat, dixie, green eyes

The jig is up. We know Mama and Daddy are having a “baby”. Gus is pissed. I don’t even think he knows what a “baby” is, he’s just upset Mama is so happy about something other than him.

To be honest I’m not sure either.
I know it’s small. Mama can’t fit into ANY of those little outfits she’s been bringing home.  I'm wondering if she realizes she's gained weight recently.  She's been going through brownies like I go through wet food.
I know it requires a lot of STUFF. The bedroom at the end of the hall that we usually don’t see into is full of…well, STUFF. What is a diaper and why are there so many?
I THINK it makes noise. Daddy keeps saying our “quiet, peaceful lives” are about to change.
I know it gets its own room. This kind of miffs me. Since we’ve been with the parentals we’ve NEVER had a whole room to ourselves.
I know it smells good. Mama brought home a “handmedown” from a former baby and it actually smelled pretty sweet.

Gus is freaking out because that’s just what Gus does. I told him this might not be a bad thing. And it surely isn't the end of the world like he's making it out to be. Such a drama queen...
Anywho, enough about the “baby”.

In other more important news:
-I finally found the squeaker on a string. Mama hid it deep under the covers of the bed. Not sure why she would do that.
-Yesterday we saw a dog walk through the front yard. I kept a watchful eye until the miscreant was out of sight. Gus called the authorities and is talking about posting flyers in the neighborhood to remind everyone of the leash law in this city.
-Mama has decided that I, like Gus, need a middle name. She's pushing for Priscilla. I'm not sure how I feel about that.

Happy Monday, human blog readers.

cat, calico, green eyes

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Designing a Wedding - If I Could Do It Again

If you know me or have been a reader for any amount of time, you probably know I got married young. Nineteen to be exact, and Chris was twenty. At nineteen I wanted the fairytale. I was raised on Disney princesses and I wanted nothing less than a big wedding, in a big place, with an even bigger dress. My parents gave us a beautiful, traditional wedding for which I am FOREVER grateful. It was my favorite day.

That was almost seven and a half years ago. I’m twenty-six now and my style has evolved a bit. I’m still all about some Disney though and that will never change. I love looking through all things wedding on the almighty Pinterest and sometimes wonder if I missed my calling of being a wedding planner. If the stars aligned (and money was no object) and I had the chance to have a do-over of our special day, this is what it would look like:

wedding design, babys breath wedding, bridal, simple wedding, disney cake
Disney Cake // Babys Breath Bouquet // Saja Wedding Gown // Bridal Bouquet // Glass Venue // Bridesmaid Gown // Grooms Attire // Babys Breath Crown // Vera Wang Flats
Can you tell I have an affection for babys breath?
If you could do your wedding over, would you change it?

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Ten on Tuesday - Target FTW, My Next Purchase and the Gene Machine

 one. This mama got her first flu shot since she can remember Sunday. I HATE shots and was dreading it all day but I didn’t even feel it! Best shot ever!

two. Over the weekend, I got to that point in the book I was reading where I just wanted to hurry up and finish so I could start another one. And finish it I did! Now I can move on to one of the five books on my reading list.

three. I was going through old pictures under the bed Sunday evening and found this little gem from our honeymoon. This is what the “gene machine” at Ripley’s Museum thought our future son would look like. Could that be Cooper???

four. The REASON I was going through old pictures from under the bed was because I’m clearing it out and getting ready to dump our bed frame. Yep. Just the mattress and box spring on the floor. The bed is too high anyway...

five. My next purchase:

six. Target got too much of my money this weekend. I bought my first pair of maternity jeans (!) and a birthday gift Friday night and then went back "just to look" Sunday and walked out with a picture frame, a hook shelf, a Halloween head band, and some makeup remover. I don't know what got into me...

seven. We started back doing crock pot meals Sunday night!  We went stupid easy.  We put chicken filets in the pot and dumped a whole bottle of Jack Daniels BBQ sauce on it.  Four and a half hours later it was the best chicken ever.

eight. A bit like how I'm feeling:

nine. The temperature can go ahead and drop whenever it feels like it…  I will say yesterday when leaving work it was only 77 degrees and the breeze felt amazing.  Fall weather might finally be on it's way!

ten. I dreamed about American Horror Story (again) last night.  I might have an issue.

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