Thursday, May 14, 2015

2015 Met Gala - My Picks

I’m late to the party but I couldn’t NOT do a Met Gala post. I LOVE Met Gala fashion. It’s a chance to take a big step out of the box and wear something risky, avant garde, dramatic, or just weird. The theme this year was China: Through the Looking Glass. A lot of celebs really ran with the theme and I’m so glad they did. Here are some of my favorites.

Anne Hathaway, Ralph Lauren, Met Gala 2015, red carpet
 Anne Hathaway in Ralph Lauren: Loved this the minute I saw it.
It’s so simple and yet striking. Love the metallic gold AND the hood!

 Kendall Jenner in Calvin Klein: I was surprised that I liked this so much!
I thought it was a subtle nod to the theme and the color is gorgeous on her.

Diane Kruger, Met Gala 2015, red carpet, Chanel
 Diane Kruger in Chanel Haute Couture: My favorite girl never disappoints me.
She makes something so odd look so chic.

Emma Roberts, Ralph Lauren, red carpet, Met Gala 2015
 Emma Roberts in Ralph Lauren: Again with the green! It’s simple but dramatic.

Bee Shaffer, Met Gala, Alexander McQueen, red carpet
 Bee Shaffer in Alexander McQueen: Possibly my favorite from the night.
Gorgeous cut and color and love the blossom detail.

Kate Hudson, Michael Kors, red carpet, met gala
 Kate Hudson in Michael Kors: Girl can’t wear a bad dress lately. 
Karen Elson, Met Gala, red carpet
Karen Elson: Well, hello! She went literal with the theme and I couldn’t love it more.
Red tulle, headdress and all!
You can only do this at the Met Gala!!

Elizabeth Banks, Michael Kors, Met Gala, Red carpet
 Elizabeth Banks in Michael Kors: An unexpected color!
Love this on her.

Poppy Delevigne, Met Gala 2015, Marchesa, red carpet
 Poppy Delevigne in Marchesa: Love the champagne color and the romance of it.

Hailee Steinfeld, Met Gala 2015, red carpet
 Hailee Steinfeld: She looks so classy and age appropriate.
And I love the bracelets on each wrist.

Fan Bingbing, Met Gala 2015, Red Carpet, avant garde,
 Fan Bingbing: YES. All of the yes.
Call me crazy but I'm all about this.  Met Gala done right.

Notice who’s NOT on my list? Beyonce. I’m sick to death of sheer. I’m tired of seeing women walking the red carpet nearly nude and acting like they’re doing something edgy and shocking. It’s been done. Move on. Wear something conservative and yet amazing and really shock people. Looking at you too, Jennifer Lopez.
And can we talk about how VERY similar Kim Kardashian’s dress is to Beyonce’s from last year? But it WOULD make sense seeing as Kanye picks her outfits and he clearly has a thing for Beyonce. And I would be seriously amiss if I didn’t mention Ms. SJP. This woman ALWAYS steps up and shows out at the Met and she does it FABULOUSLY.

I'll take that head dress in every color, please.

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Friday, May 8, 2015

Things My Mother Taught Me

With my very first Mother’s Day coming up, I’ve been reflecting on my own mother.  In particular I’ve been thinking about things she taught me that I would like to teach Cooper when he’s a little older.
I realize some of these I’ll NEVER teach Cooper because he is of the male variety but here are just a few things my mother taught me:

-To worry about nothing, but pray about everything.
-The difference between friends and acquaintances.
-How to shave my legs. (Thanks for that one.)
-That there is not a problem that does not have a solution.
-What would happen when I “became a lady” around the age of twelve.
-How to keep my baby alive.
-To trust my woman’s instinct.
-To never turn down free food.

I’ve always known I need my mother (well, before and after I got out of my short-lived teen angst phase), but I never knew how much until I became a mother myself.  Even at twenty-seven I don’t know what I would do without her.

Happy Mother's Day to the all the mamas!

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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Single White Baby Seeking Play Date

Hello! My name is Cooper.
I also go by Coop, CT, Squishy, and Bubba.

I’m 15 weeks old. I have what you would call a “chunky” build at 24 inches long and 14 pounds. I typically wear 0-3 month clothes but can fit (snugly) into a few newborn pieces. I have light blue eyes (and getting lighter), light brown hair that sometimes styles itself into a mohawk, and squishy, kissable cheeks. I’m usually pretty happy and rarely fussy. But I do like to eat promptly. My most recent notable accomplishments are grabbing the dangling toys on my play mat, rolling onto my side, putting myself to sleep in my rock n’ play, and only waking up once in the night to eat.

I enjoy long walks, being outside, swinging, Similac Advanced, a warm bath, music (especially Imagine Dragons), chewing on my fingers, car rides, my play mat, watching TV, diffusing lavender, smiling, and talking. Some of my dislikes are being woke up before I’m ready, having my nose suctioned, a cold wipe on my butt, being put into my car seat, waiting more than 3.5 seconds for a bottle, putting my shirt over my face, and being by myself.

My favorite person in the whole wide world that I love most, more than anything is my mother. Ladies, you’ll just have to deal with it.

Want to go on a play date with me? [Potential dates will need to be approved by the aforementioned mother.]

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Friday, April 24, 2015


Happy Friday, yall! I’ve got to tell you I was stupidly excited this past week when I saw that Helene featured my photo (below) from the April Instagram challenge on her blog! Week. Made.

Here’s what’s currently going on in Alyssa Land:

Watching: I got back into House of Cards a few weeks ago. Over a year ago Chris and I watched the first episode. We weren’t into to it so we didn’t pick it back up but my dad started binging on it and said it gets SO much better. I’m glad I started it again! Even though he’s pretty heartless, I love Frank. The perfect anti-hero. And Claire is just as bad! They sit at home and talk about affairs they’re having to get ahead in whatever venture they’re in like it’s nothing. They’re awful but I still like them! And holy crap the moment I didn’t see coming was when Zoey met her end. I mean, I knew she was a goner because she knew too much but good grief. Overkill, Frank. When I left off last was when the president let him know he was on to him. I think it’s about to get even more interesting!

Reading: Dorothy Must Die. Chris bought it for me for my birthday in December but I’m just now getting back into it. My life got a little too busy to read for a while. Can’t imagine why… But now that we’ve fallen into a nice little routine I’m hoping I can get back to reading more again. So far it’s a pretty cool read. Dorothy came back to Oz and let power get to her head and now everything is backwards. A girl from a trailer park in Kansas landed there via tornado and she’s going to restore order. A new character we just met is a goth, potty mouth munchkin. No lie.

Thinking About: Getting ready to transition Cooper to his crib. He’s been sleeping in his rock n’ play by the bed or in his swing in the living room. He’s been doing so well only waking up once in the night to eat that I’m scared to change anything! I was trying to leave the rock n’ play OFF so he could get used to not being in motion. But I got back in the habit of leaving it on just because he does so well with it. And I kind of like having him within arm’s reach! Maybe this weekend we can try laying him down in his crib when he falls asleep after his last feeding.
Speaking of this weekend, we’re in the middle of tornado season and we might get rough weather twice in the next few days. Ugh. If you’ve been around for any length of time you know I don’t do well with severe weather. Cooper and I might be spending a couple of nights at Nanny and Poppie’s house in case we need quick access to their storm shelter!

Looking forward to: Our anniversary next week, purging my house of STUFF and having a yard sale with Kaylen on the next pretty Saturday, a LONG Memorial Day weekend, our beach trip for the 4th of July.

Loving: lavender (the color and the oil), wearing open shirts over tanks, having my nails painted, Helene’s Instagram challenge, Cooper sleeping more at night, my morning hazelnut coffee, strawberry jello, my happy baby in the morning.

Have a FABULOUS weekend.

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