Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Itty Bitty Baby Update

Hello again!
Tomorrow Cooper will be a whole two weeks old.  The past 13 days have gone by so fast it's been a bit of a blur.  He is at the moment sleeping peacefully next to the bed in his rock n' play.  He's been out long enough for me to pump, swap some laundry, eat a cupcake, take my medicine, and wash said pump.  Maybe if I hurry I can get a whole blog post in!  So let's get to it:

Cooper is: a really sweet baby.  Most of the time.  Yesterday was I think our fussiest day yet.  He had his days and nights mixed completely up the first week and I was in full on zombie mode but since Monday we've made some progress.  He's his sweetest in the morning.  The past couple of mornings after nursing we've sat in the nursery with the blinds open in the sunshine.  He likes to look outside.
new mom, newborn, morning
You know how it's so cliche when new parents say, "omg I could stare at him/her all day long!"  Yeah.  It's like that.  And I'm not just talking about how I obsessively look into his rocker while he sleeps to check for the millionth time that he is in fact still breathing.  I just want to look at him.  When he's awake he's wide eyed and looking at everything or staring you right in the eye.  I even got a grin yesterday morning while he was looking at me.  His eyes of course are dark blue right now but Chris and I think when they change they'll lighten to a pretty blue like his daddy's.  Cooper likes kisses, getting his hair wet (but ONLY his hair), watching the lights on the TV, being cradled, and car rides.  He does NOT like getting his diaper changed, getting his clothes changed, getting his body washed, being put down when he's not asleep.

Mama is: slowly feeling more and more human.  The pain is fading and I think my body is getting used to less sleep.  My parents were a huge help in the first few days (and still are).  I was terrified for them to leave us alone with him at night.  The first night was super rough and I nearly called my mother at midnight because he was shaking his head like a crazy person when he screamed.  Now I know that's just what he does when he gets really pissed.
I'm crying really easily.  More than I ever did when I was pregnant.  I cry just thinking about crying.
I've gotten pretty good at changing wet diapers fast and I've only been sprayed once!
We're exclusively breastfeeding and it's no joke.  It's time consuming and limits what you can do and when since he's fed every two to three hours.  But I still like it and I'm so thankful we're able to do it.
newborn, new mom, cuddles

Dad is: in love with his little boy.  It was so hard for me to get in and out of the bed while we were in the hospital that Chris did all the changing and became a swaddling master.  Seriously, I don't know how he gets that blanket so snug.  He went back to work Monday and I SO look forward to him coming home in the evening.  Last night we ate pizza, and watched Celebrity Apprentice with Cooper either in Chris's arms or in his rocker.  It felt very...normal.
new dad, newborn
Isn't it funny how we carry them for nine months go through all the trouble of childbirth and they come out looking just like their dang daddies.

The cats: hate him, hate me, hate life.

Birth story and nursery pictures to come!...just when I'm not sure.  Right now I'm soaking up these sweet newborn days because I know they don't last long and I'll miss them when they're gone!
Thank you all for the congratulations, thoughts, and prayers!

PS.  He did NOT make it through this blog post.  Haha.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Cooper Timothy.
Born Thursday, January 15th at 1:18 in the afternoon.
7 lbs. 13 ounces.  20 inches long.
And perfect.  Obviously.

CT came into the world after three hours of pushing with a head full of brown hair and his daddy's lips.  
This has been the craziest, most surreal week ever.  I can't believe I had a baby six days ago.  This time last week I was unpacking and repacking my hospital bag, watching Netflix and just counting down the hours until Chris and I went to the hospital for induction, scared out of my mind.
I'm excited to write out his birth story to share later (Chris was amazing though the whole thing).  These last few days at home have been spent getting to know him, learning the baby basics, and catching up on sleep when able thanks to my parents.
I'm 27, married, a MOM and I can tell you with absolute certainty I don't know what we would do without my parents.  AND Kaylen.  They have been invaluable and helpful on a whole new level and we are forever grateful.
There are so many thoughts and words to say but for once I can't put them together.
We still can't believe we finally have our Cooper.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

It's a Good Day to Be Induced

Hello, all.
Today is D-Day plus Five.  Kaylen's 21st birthday dinner was last night and against all of my expectations I got to join the party!  These past few days have been spent doing last minute things, binging on SOA with the kitties, cleaning SOMETHING, and just enjoying time with Chris in our quiet house. 
This guy has kept me sane.

It doesn't feel like that long ago when I surprised Chris and told him the news or when we announced it to the rest of the world.  Telling him was one of the greatest moments of my life and the PRICELESS look on his face was something I'll never forget.

Now tonight we'll go to the hospital just the two of us to start the induction process and leave in a couple of days with our Cooper.  A family.
I'm going to selfishly ask for your prayers because I know God hears them all.  I don't mind telling you I'm getting scared.  Of so many things.  If I could ask you to pray for two things specifically.  One for Cooper's safe and healthy entry into the world and second, for peace and calm for Chris and I.
Tomorrow looks like a good day to have a baby!

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Monday, January 12, 2015

2015 Golden Globes...and Still No Baby

Hello, all! Since I'm blogging about the Golden Globes from last night, you've probably already guessed we have no baby yet. You guess correctly. Now my theory is that Cooper was just waiting until after the Globes so Mama could watch them in the comfort of her own home because he knows how she lives for that stuff. Now he'll probably show Daddy the same courtesy and wait until tomorrow so he can watch the big college football championship game. I'm not really feeling anything different so my guess is we'll be inducing Wednesday night. But in the mean time I'm just sitting here talking to you lovelies and waiting for a sign!

Now on to the Globes!

Kristen Wiig - Someone on twitter last night said she looked like a 70's bride and that pretty much covers it. // Salma Hayek - The dress alone isn't bad.  Maybe even with the belt.  But the accessories take her into princess/quinceanera territory. // Rosamund Pike - She is ethereally beautiful and I love the color on her but I wish it had fit her better up top.

Dakota Johnson - I'm a sucker for sequins and I love this.  And in a sea of serious spray tans she got the memo that pale is still pretty. // Julianna Moore - She's usually 50/50 on whether she impresses me or not but this impressed me!  Love the ombre.  Only wish she'd fixed her hair a little more. // Emma Stone - LOVE!  Best dressed nominee for me!  And her hair makes me want to grab the nearest pair of scissors.

Diane Kruger - Diane is my girl and it's almost a guarantee I'm going to love anything she wears.  She's less human and more heavenly being. (Girl crush much?) // Jennifer Lopez - I'm so tired of seeing her almost exposing herself.  What would be more shocking is if she wore something classy and covered herself a little. // Reese Witherspoon - Perfection!  Love the silver with her blonde hair.

Amal Clooney - Such a beautiful woman deserves a more beautiful dress.  I was underwhelmed by Mrs. GC's dress and gloves. // Jennifer Anniston - She looked beautiful and the dress is ok, but she did not look very happy to be there! // Claire Danes - What in the world is this?  I don't even know what to say.

Allison Williams - Love this but then again I've never really disliked anything she's worn on the red carpet. // Taylor Schilling - One of my favorites of the night and a best dressed nominee.  Perfect from top to bottom. // Catherine Zeta Jones - She could wear a trash bag and I'd rave that it's the best looking trash bag I've ever seen.  Red is definitely her color.

Katherine Heigl - This is the best I've seen her look in forever.  I just wish the top had been pulled up another couple of inches. // Katie Holmes - Love the purple on her and the draping is perfection but wrinkles are my biggest pet peeve and the pony tail is overkill. // Leslie Mann - I usually don't like yellow on blondes (hello, Naomi Watts) but this worked and she looked gorgeous.

Anna Kendrick - I adore this dress!  I do wish she'd done her hair a little softer. // Amy Adams - Pretty color but a snooze fest. // Chrissy Teigen - A home run.  But did anybody get a glimpse of the weird face she made during John Legend's speech?  Too many feels perhaps?

And the girl that I can't possibly put into a category with anyone else.  Lupita Nyong'o.  Please excuse me while I run to hobby lobby and buy a bunch of purple flowers to sew to all my clothes.  Not much else to say except another perfect dress.  Best dressed for sure!

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