Thursday, August 20, 2009

Top 3 Douchebags

#1 Grand Douche Supreme: Spencer Pratt.
For being just plain creepy and evil.
I want to punch that creepy smile right off your face.

#2 Douche: Perez Hilton.
For attacking Miss California because she
has values that are different from yours.
And for the hair.

#3 Douche: Jon Gosselin.
For getting a girlfriend before the inks dry on the
divorce papers and acting like a frat boy.

Friday, August 14, 2009


This is a picture I snapped today of our furbabies, Gus and Dixie. The window is their favorite place to sit. As I type this, Dixie is curled up in a ball next to me and Gus is not far away, sleeping on the back of the couch. When we brought them home from the pet store, I never imagined we would love them so much! They brighten up our lives! Me and Chris spend most of our time at home playing with them, or petting them or laughing at something goofy they're doing. Everything they do is funny to us. And they're so loving! They want to be EVERYWHERE we are. They follow us around like puppy dogs (no joke intended). Usually we close the door to our bedroom at night and leave them in the living room to sleep. Every morning when I wake up they warm my heart. They hear us moving around and sit at the door meowing to be let in. And when we do they jump on the bed with us and stay as close to us as physically possible. Before them I'd never had an indoor pet before. I couldn't fathom having a cat in the house, much less two. But now, I can't imagine our little apartment without them!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I woke up from a nightmare this morning that was so twisted and so VIVID that I wanted to write it out before I forgot all the detail. It would probably make a very good horror movie concept with some added plot. It wasn't me IN the dream but like I was already watching a movie take place in front of me.

It begins with a chubby kid in a maze. The walls of this maze are a deep, blood red and every now and then theres a black door leading to new hallways in the maze. This kid is already running for his lfe. He opens a black door to see a hallway with a rabid, snarling rotweiller at the end of it. The dog takes chase. The kid turns around and runs down a NEW hallway...only to find ANOTHER vicious rotweiller ready to attack. He takes a sharp turn and keeps running without looking back. Another black door. Another foaming-at-the-mouth beast of a dog. He now has three monstrous rotweillers in spiked collars on his heels ready to rip him apart. The kid takes off toward a new door. His last hope. He's almost out of steam from running. He beats the dogs to the door and opens it...
Now he's staring straight into the barrels of a firing squad. Five men dressed all in black with M-16's that look as if they've been waiting for him. He has two choices: be riddled with bullets or devoured by a pack of rabid dogs. In a split second (because that's all he's got) he makes a decision...
He shuts the black door in defeat and waits for the rotweillers to close in on him.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Ms. Lib

Kind words are important. A few kind words completely turned my day around today.

I was having a terrible day this morning at work. I work at a drive-thru coffee/smoothie shop. I was so stressed I was ready to cry and/or throw the coffee pot out the window. I have a few usual customers who come by most days and order the same exact thing. Theres one sweet older lady in an SUV that comes by and she just makes me smile. She always has a smile for me, orders a caramel machiato everything light, leave me all of the change (which is at least a dollar and if you work for tips thats a lot), and ALWAYS starts a conversation with me. Today was no different. I had just started to shed a tear when I saw a car pull up. I wiped my face real quick hoping the customer didnt see and turned around and there she was with a big ole smile on her face. She ordered her usual and told me not to even bother with her change. So I made her drink and when I gave it to her she asked me my name for the first time. I told her and she said "well, Alyssa, my name is Lib. L-i-b. Like 'womens lib'! That way you won't forget it!" She went on to ask me how I spelled it and which of my parents picked it. Before she drove off she told me she'd see me Monday and to stay warm. After she left I couldnt stop smiling and I said a little prayer of thanks for Ms. Lib.

So kind words are important! You never know whos having a crap day and a few nice, uplifting words from you can turn it around!
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