Friday, August 14, 2009


This is a picture I snapped today of our furbabies, Gus and Dixie. The window is their favorite place to sit. As I type this, Dixie is curled up in a ball next to me and Gus is not far away, sleeping on the back of the couch. When we brought them home from the pet store, I never imagined we would love them so much! They brighten up our lives! Me and Chris spend most of our time at home playing with them, or petting them or laughing at something goofy they're doing. Everything they do is funny to us. And they're so loving! They want to be EVERYWHERE we are. They follow us around like puppy dogs (no joke intended). Usually we close the door to our bedroom at night and leave them in the living room to sleep. Every morning when I wake up they warm my heart. They hear us moving around and sit at the door meowing to be let in. And when we do they jump on the bed with us and stay as close to us as physically possible. Before them I'd never had an indoor pet before. I couldn't fathom having a cat in the house, much less two. But now, I can't imagine our little apartment without them!

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  1. Cuties! I love how they look so similar in that photos. Thanks for leaving a link on my blog <3


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