Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I woke up from a nightmare this morning that was so twisted and so VIVID that I wanted to write it out before I forgot all the detail. It would probably make a very good horror movie concept with some added plot. It wasn't me IN the dream but like I was already watching a movie take place in front of me.

It begins with a chubby kid in a maze. The walls of this maze are a deep, blood red and every now and then theres a black door leading to new hallways in the maze. This kid is already running for his lfe. He opens a black door to see a hallway with a rabid, snarling rotweiller at the end of it. The dog takes chase. The kid turns around and runs down a NEW hallway...only to find ANOTHER vicious rotweiller ready to attack. He takes a sharp turn and keeps running without looking back. Another black door. Another foaming-at-the-mouth beast of a dog. He now has three monstrous rotweillers in spiked collars on his heels ready to rip him apart. The kid takes off toward a new door. His last hope. He's almost out of steam from running. He beats the dogs to the door and opens it...
Now he's staring straight into the barrels of a firing squad. Five men dressed all in black with M-16's that look as if they've been waiting for him. He has two choices: be riddled with bullets or devoured by a pack of rabid dogs. In a split second (because that's all he's got) he makes a decision...
He shuts the black door in defeat and waits for the rotweillers to close in on him.

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