Thursday, August 20, 2009

Top 3 Douchebags

#1 Grand Douche Supreme: Spencer Pratt.
For being just plain creepy and evil.
I want to punch that creepy smile right off your face.

#2 Douche: Perez Hilton.
For attacking Miss California because she
has values that are different from yours.
And for the hair.

#3 Douche: Jon Gosselin.
For getting a girlfriend before the inks dry on the
divorce papers and acting like a frat boy.


  1. I totally agree!!! I want to kick Spencer to the fucking moon. And even though I read Perez, he's still douchey at times. He's really two faced. And I hate Jon Gosselin and all that stupid Ed Hardy crap he wears.

  2. i think we would get along nicely based on this alone! I totally agree with all the bag-o-douches described on this page.


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