Saturday, February 20, 2010

Can I just share my excitement??

I took advantage of my awesome employee discount at work today and got some spring stuff!! I'm SUCH a penny pincher and hardly ever buy more than one item at a time so three is a big deal!! Heres what I got! All for $35!
This CUTE tank that I've been eyeing since the day it came in:
THIS dress that I loooove and can't wait to wear it!
Aaaand these flats. Wanted them forever.

So yea! That was pretty much the highlight of my day!
Love and shoes,


  1. Oh my gosh, I love that dress! I wanted to do some online window shopping at AE today but the page wouldn't load for me. boo.

  2. Shea, they've got SEVERAL cute a-line sun dresses. I tried on about three different ones and theres even more online.

  3. Love all your new stuff :) especially those cute flats!

  4. nice items, i'm loving all the floral.

  5. that dress is adorable! love it. i always forget about ae. i should go check it out again...looks like they've got some cute stuff :).



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