Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wishlist Wednesday

So today's been kind of a rough day for me. I said goodbye to my very best friend, Jamie. She and her husband are moving back to Texas where he will be stationed. They're probably driving through my home state of Alabama as we speak, with the dogs in tow. Oh how I will miss their boxer and his big ole eyes! Lots of crying for me today.
So anyway, I thought I'd cheer myself up by doing some internet shopping and making a wish list!
First off, this swimsuit from VS. Its WONDERFUL motivation to stop eating twinkies:
This. Somewhere in my house. Somewhere, someday:

A vanity. Just somewhere that I can SIT and put my make-up on. With good lighting preferably:
This ADORABLE top from AE:
Sandals from AE:
And this bright hoodie (also from AE) in my FAVE color. Seeing as this and the two previous items were from the store I work at, they will probably all end up in my closet at one point or another:
That actually did make me feel a little better.
Love and twinkies,


  1. I love that top from AE!!!!! And the hoodie, Im a hoodie gal. Sorry your bestest pal had to leave :(

  2. i have the van gogh (poster version) painting in my room ! alongside his sunflower piece. i love his work

    xx lue

  3. i LOVE AE. my favourite time of the year is when i get that -40% coupon after an extensive summer of shopping ;) x


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