Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Happy Birthday, kittehs!!

Today our sweet babies turned 1!! They're not kittens anymore! Makes me sad! Tomorrow, we're going to pick up some ice cream for them as a little treat. They like Coldstone. Heres some of my fave pictures of them from the time we brought them home to now.
This is Gus the day we brought them home from the pet store! Look at that face! Our beautiful girl, Dixie:
Gus who apparently has no spine!:
They are so sweet when they sleep! They love to cuddle!:
One of my FAVE pics of them:
Dixie looooves Chris:

Mama's Boy!:
Dixie straining to get the water at the veeeery bottom of the glass:
Gus gives it a 1o!:
TRYING to get a family portrait...and failing...:
Thats what we think of that:
Chris and his babygirl:
These two give us so much love! We got so lucky and picked two of the sweetest kitties I've ever met! They're basically like our kids and we can't imagine our life without them now!

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