Thursday, March 11, 2010

Letters to me....

Hello, lovies. Today the Eclipse official trailer was posted online!! Woohoo!! If you havent seen it check it out at Looks great!
Since I have nothing real important or spectacular to talk about I figured I do what Lauren did at and write "letters in reverse". Enjoy!
Dear Alyssa,
Make another batch of me.
I know you've been thinking about me a little too much.
You know you want me.
Puppy chow
Dear Mom,
Thanks for letting me hop up on the counter where
you were making grilled cheese and let me
step on the hot griddle.
Next time, pay a little more attention.
PS. Change the litterbox
Dear Alyssa,
I own you.
Dear Alyssa,
I know I hurt you the first day,
but once you break me in, that wont happen!
Please give me another shot.
Your new flats

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