Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Totally Unrealistic Tuesday

Snappy title huh? Here are three totally unrealistic and truly impossible dreams of mine.
Dream #1:
I long to be locked in a Barnes and Noble by myself overnight. I could read whatever I liked without the fear of being judged by passerbys thinking "why is she reading that" and have unlimited supply of Starbucks coffee (which I'm sure I could manage to make myself since I worked in a coffee shop). It would be AWESOME. I thought of this dream the other day when I went to work too early and with an hour to spare just sat in a corner next to the magazine rack and read to my hearts content.

Dream #2:
It's silly but I've always wanted to go to the White House and just walk around the gardens with the President and just talk. We'd talk open and honestly about everything from his politics and how he feels about the media to his family. No photographers, no news reporters no tape recorders. Just me and the Big Cheese. Granted I had this fantasy with our last President but if the opportunity arose with the new one I'd still take it.

Dream #3:
I've had this fantasy since I was 10 years old and my daddy took me to see the epic movie in theaters. I dream of being on the Titanic. Just getting to walk around and see the splendor and the beauty of it first hand. Granted I might get a little taste of it next time we go to Gatlinburg. Apparently they're building a Titanic museum and the outside it supposed to be a replica of the ship and inside is supposed to be the grand staircase. I think if I ever go there I'm going to cry.
What are some of your fantasies?

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  1. I like the idea of being locked in a book store with unlimited supply of coffee :) Have a great weekend!


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