Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Wonderful Sunday Together

We had a WONDERFUL day today! We got up, got ready and left for Emerald Isle at noon. We went to Mac Daddy's for a couple of hours and played fun arcade games. We played ski ball 5 times. He beat me everytime but once. The only reason I beat him that one time is because he LET me win. I called him on it and said I thought we were passed that. Then we played basketball and either we tied or I beat him all three times. So $20 and 1000 points later we left to go to the movie theater with the free tickets I got last week. We had some time to kill before the movie started so we walked around a pier, the plaza and this supercute little bookstore. We saw Shutter Island at this tiny private owned theater. So small it only had 4 theaters and an actual person running the projectors....which went down halfway through the movie. But since the tickets were free we really couldnt complain! Anyway, the movie was long but really good. I called the surprise ending which I never do!! After the movie we went to a restaurant in the same plaza that we've never been to before. Everytime we go out of Jacksonville city limits we try a new place to eat.
So it was a great day! Heres pics!

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