Tuesday, April 20, 2010

5 years...

...has come down to 5 days.
I've been very nostalgic the past couple of days whilst packing up our lives. I feel like it's taking me forever because everytime I find something I haven't seen in a while, I want to stop and look it over! Yesterday I found our wedding memory book that has all the details and guest signatures and omg, the box full of stuff that I sent him while he was deployed. The bed sheet/welcome home sign was there, DOZENS of cards, little stuffed animals, a custom made deployment countdown calender and best of all, a perscription bottle for lonliness I made him. I ate a whole jar of peanut butter (not in one sitting), cleaned it out, stripped off the label, made an Rx label and filled it will 100 memories, quotes, inside jokes and lyrics. The label told him to "take one a day as needed for lonliness and home sickness. DO NOT OVERDOSE. May cause you to crack a smile or miss me even more." =) I dumped the jar out and read every single one.

Today I packed his uniforms. Sooo many uniforms. I remember sleeping with his cammies when he was gone and taking pictures in his covers (like the one above) just to feel close to him. It's been a tough ride. But those two homecomings were worth it all. The FRIENDS we've made were worth it. The friends you make in the military are different than any other. Everyone is away from home so you quickly become each other's family. We wonder if we'll ever have friends as good as we've had here.

Don't get me wrong. I detest Jacksonville. But it's been our home for the last three years! Chris even longer! As much as I hate to admit it, I'm sure I'll miss it when we get home. One things for sure, we'll have some cool stories to tell our grandkids one day. ;)

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