Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Beautiful Kitties!

I took these pictures of our babies yesterday. The windowsill is one of their favorite places to be. They love to look outside and watch the birds. Oh how we love our kittehs!
Last night was fun. We went out to eat at the Marina Cafe for a friend's birthday dinner and then 5 of us went to Snug Harbor, this little hole in the wall karoke bar. Fun times to be had be all. It's not really a young, hip place. More of an older crowd. We're def. the youngest ones there. And you see some sights! We saw a woman dressed like a hooker and a man dressed like a woman!
Today it's beautiful outside and I might have to work, which I really don't mind since these next three days are my last. If I don't have to work today I'm going swimsuit shopping with a friend at VS. Excited!
Have a lovely rest of the weekend!
Love and transvestites,

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