Thursday, April 15, 2010

Procrastinators Unite!!

Super busy day today!
I got up at 5 and rode to base with Chris so he could check in and we could do our taxes. Yea, I know. I waited in the car while he checked in. I thought he taking a while and when he came back to the car he was FURIOUS. The douchebag GSGT made him do 150 push-ups because he had stuff to do other than PT when he's not supposed to be PTing anyway. Whatever. Just another reason we're getting out.
After the push-up BS we went to Dunkin and got me some coffee and bagel. I run on Dunkin.
Theeeen we did out taxes. Us and all the other lazy people were there lining up before 8. Finally got those done by a very nice Lcpl and then we went to the post office to mail them off. Right on time!
After taxes we went around on base running errands and doing some more for his check out process. It's almost like it's harder to get OUT of the Corps than to get IN!
After going around base, I took the car and went SHOPPING!

Heres my loot from AE:Really excited about this jacket:This necklace and the green tank top I'm wearing Saturday. Each Sat. we have a theme and this week is "military inspired". So I'm wearing this with khaki shorts.

After I did some damage at AE I went to Barnes and Noble and bought Bram Stoker's Dracula. I'm almost finished with Little Women and I want to start reading all the classics. I think after Dracula it will be Pride and Prejudice. The last thing we did tonight was eat at Texas Roadhouse with some friends. Yummy! Sooo...needless to say I'm stuffed and happy. And off to bed!

Love and margaritas,

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