Sunday, May 30, 2010

Early Morning

It's sunday morning and I woke up way to early. 6:45.
Yesterday was a good day. Me, Chris and daddy went to the SEC baseball tournament in Hoover and watched Alabama beat Florida (Chris' team). It's so weird that two guys that I went to school with are playing baseball for Alabama and one of them will probably go pro next year.
After the game ended we met Mom and Kaylen at the mall. I hit Forever 21 for some good finds.
I absolutely fell in love with this lace shirt. I ended up putting it back and regretted it. Buuut, we're going BACK to the mall today so it will probably come home with me. Don't know where or when I'll wear it...but I must have it. I got THIS dress. I said I'd never buy another maxi dress but I'm a sucker for the color and the twist front.

LOVE this shirt! I'm getting into the "nautical" thing. I just need some boat shoes and an anchor necklace.
I'm so glad we get a three-day weekend. My husband has been at the ball park every day since Wednesday watching the tournament. He was there EIGHT HOURS the first day. I cant even sit through two games and he did four. God love him. I feel like I havent seen him all week! So tomorrow he and I will probably catch an Imax movie and go to the McWane Center in Birmingham. Gotta love date days!
Love and stripes,

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Losing My Mind

Just saw the trailer for Eclipse! Who else is excited?!
I know it's somewhat juvenile, but Twilight makes me feel like a teenage girl again. I havent been this obsessed with something since Nsync when I was 13. I love me some Jacob!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

MUCHO Pictures

Heres pictures FINALLY of our trip home and some from the zoo on mother's day. It still feels like we're just on leave and that we'll be going back to Jacksonville. But then again part of me doesn't feel connected to the military at all. It's been three weeks since I last saw Chris in cammies or drove through the gate on base. I know there's never going to be another deployment, or another homecoming, or another formation. It feels weird to just be normal. I almost feel like I've lost my identity. Anyway, enough rambling. On to the pictures.
This was our last time on the beach right before Chris' going away party.
This is the day we left doing last minute things on base. Chris is throwing his boots over the wire symbolizing being done with the Marine Corps. We were sooo happy!!!Kisses from Gus on the ride home. We let them out after we got on the interstate and they did so good! They sat in our lap or curled up in the backseat and napped.
The new navigator. My little adventurer LOVED it!
This is how she drove down Lovell Ln. She must have known we were home!

This is me and Kaylen at the zoo Saturday. It's how we celebrated Mother's Day. Mom wanted to go to this little italian restaurant, the zoo and then Yogurt Mountain. AWESOME!
The lorakeet cage!
They were ALL OVER Don Don. Kaylen wasn't having it.
Mother and daughters.

Me and my friend! SO cute!
So far, I think everything's gone pretty smoothly with moving in with my parents. Everyones adjusting well and we're all getting into a routine. I'm working full-time and getting used to busy days. Chris has had a lot of apportunities come his way and all employers down here love former military. Hopefully something will work out soon. Poor thing is getting bored at home. Now that we're getting into routine maybe I'll blog more again!
Love and goats,

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Long time no post.

First off, I found out the other day that I have a faithful reader! Shout out to Bud!
We're all settled in back home with my family and we're adjusting well. I love being home. I've slept better in the past week and a half than I ever slept in the three years we were in Jacksonville. I started a full-time job Monday and I love it. It's the warehouse I worked at before we were ever married. It's grown so much since then but it's still relatively small compared to most places. Good people, great hours. And hey, it's a job which is more than what some people have. Check out
Chris has been making phone calls and going to interviews about jobs so hopefully something will work out soon.
Today I'm super excited because we're all going out as a family. Even Nana and Don Don. We're celebrating Mother's Day today because Daddy has to work tomorrow. We're going to a little italian restaurant, then the zoo and then Yogurt Mountain. I love the zoo!
We've been going non-stop since we got home and I haven't even posted pictures yet. Soon!
Love and animals,
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