Sunday, May 30, 2010

Early Morning

It's sunday morning and I woke up way to early. 6:45.
Yesterday was a good day. Me, Chris and daddy went to the SEC baseball tournament in Hoover and watched Alabama beat Florida (Chris' team). It's so weird that two guys that I went to school with are playing baseball for Alabama and one of them will probably go pro next year.
After the game ended we met Mom and Kaylen at the mall. I hit Forever 21 for some good finds.
I absolutely fell in love with this lace shirt. I ended up putting it back and regretted it. Buuut, we're going BACK to the mall today so it will probably come home with me. Don't know where or when I'll wear it...but I must have it. I got THIS dress. I said I'd never buy another maxi dress but I'm a sucker for the color and the twist front.

LOVE this shirt! I'm getting into the "nautical" thing. I just need some boat shoes and an anchor necklace.
I'm so glad we get a three-day weekend. My husband has been at the ball park every day since Wednesday watching the tournament. He was there EIGHT HOURS the first day. I cant even sit through two games and he did four. God love him. I feel like I havent seen him all week! So tomorrow he and I will probably catch an Imax movie and go to the McWane Center in Birmingham. Gotta love date days!
Love and stripes,

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  1. Go Gators and thanks for your service. We are USAF and serving overseas as well. Your page came up on my Google Alert for Florida Football! Looks like you hit the bit time on a slow Gator news day! Keep working on the marriage. It is work, but work worth doing if you stay committed. We have been married for 21 years now...


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