Wednesday, May 12, 2010

MUCHO Pictures

Heres pictures FINALLY of our trip home and some from the zoo on mother's day. It still feels like we're just on leave and that we'll be going back to Jacksonville. But then again part of me doesn't feel connected to the military at all. It's been three weeks since I last saw Chris in cammies or drove through the gate on base. I know there's never going to be another deployment, or another homecoming, or another formation. It feels weird to just be normal. I almost feel like I've lost my identity. Anyway, enough rambling. On to the pictures.
This was our last time on the beach right before Chris' going away party.
This is the day we left doing last minute things on base. Chris is throwing his boots over the wire symbolizing being done with the Marine Corps. We were sooo happy!!!Kisses from Gus on the ride home. We let them out after we got on the interstate and they did so good! They sat in our lap or curled up in the backseat and napped.
The new navigator. My little adventurer LOVED it!
This is how she drove down Lovell Ln. She must have known we were home!

This is me and Kaylen at the zoo Saturday. It's how we celebrated Mother's Day. Mom wanted to go to this little italian restaurant, the zoo and then Yogurt Mountain. AWESOME!
The lorakeet cage!
They were ALL OVER Don Don. Kaylen wasn't having it.
Mother and daughters.

Me and my friend! SO cute!
So far, I think everything's gone pretty smoothly with moving in with my parents. Everyones adjusting well and we're all getting into a routine. I'm working full-time and getting used to busy days. Chris has had a lot of apportunities come his way and all employers down here love former military. Hopefully something will work out soon. Poor thing is getting bored at home. Now that we're getting into routine maybe I'll blog more again!
Love and goats,

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