Monday, June 28, 2010

ATL Weekend

This weekend for our 8Th "dating" anniversary, Chris and I went to Atlanta to catch two Braves games. We got some cheap tickets so we thought what the heck. I left work early Friday and we went to a 7:30 game that night. I was surprised at how hot it was for being that late!! Our seats were facing the sun of course.

Showing off my new sun visor. I had to have it!
Our boy, Chipper! Chris grew his goatee because of this man.
The second day we had some time to kill before the afternoon game so we went to a mall. This mall was unlike any mall I'd ever been to. Nothing but designer stuff. Betsy Johnson, Nicole Miller, Neiman Marcus, Cartier for crying out loud! I couldn't afford ANYTHING! But we had a nice lunch at California Pizza kitchen and taramisui (sp?) for dessert. The 4:30 was even hotter. And again, seats right in the sun the entire time. I drank at the very least 4 bottles of water during that game. And that water is not cheap either. Even though it was hotter than Satan's armpit we had a really great time together. He took very good care of me considering the last time we were at Turner Field I passed out from the heat and had to be treated by medics. So embarrassing.
Eclipse tomorrow night with my little sis!! I'm so excited!!! TEAM JABOB, yall!!!
Love and baseball players,

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  1. Looks like you guys had a great time! I'd LOVE to see the Braves play in Atlanta..I've seen them play at Cincy before when I was younger. Chipper is the best!!


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