Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day at the Lake

This past weekend we spent Sunday afternoon at the lake on my uncle's new boat. Keep in mind I'm terrified of water. I can swim just enough to keep my head afloat and water just makes me super nervous. And my dad can't swim a lick so that makes me extremely anxious. But it was fun none the less! They're redoing their new lake house which will be gorgeous when it's finished. They'll have a lake front balcony off their bedroom which I would die to have. I could picture myself sitting out there reading for hours. The boat is what they call a pontoon boat. I had never been on one before. It doesn't go terribly fast, which I liked. Just enough to give you a nice breeze. Anyway, here's some pics from our day!

Cuddling with Chris after I had gotten more comfortable.

Me holding onto my life vest.
Me and my increasingly beautiful sister.
Me and the hubs in our shades.

Titanic is my favorite movie. =)

Outfit details: Shirt: Forever 21. Shorts: Wet Seal. Hat: Claire's. Necklace: Forever 21

And let me just add Happy Birthday to the best mother in the world!!

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