Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lovely Randomness

I want some of this!!! My hair is naturally wavy (but mostly frizzy) and I've been too lazy lately to dry it straight. I've heard wonderful things about this product for straight AND curly hair. I'd love to try it!!
I would LOVE to have this print. How can you not wake up happy if you have this on the wall next to your bed?

I fell in love with this dress in the Delia's catalog. So sweet and summery. And what's more is now it's on sale! Yay for me!Me and my husband both want one of these dogs. A little lassie! He'll let someone know if you ever fall in the bathtub. (Thank you, for those of you that got that.)

They just don't make them like this anymore....Hitchcock beauty Kim Novak.

And I present to you...the perfect woman. Jennifer Anniston. That skin. That hair. Those legs! She seems so classy and down to earth and humble unlike most of Hollywood. If I could pick one celebrity to be friends with (no pun intended) I'd pick her.

And it's still Father's Day so a quote perfect mine:

Right now, we're getting ready to go the fire station and have burgers and homemade ice cream with Daddy and David, who is himself a father-to-be. His wife, Tracie's shower was yesterday. That baby (Tristan) will never want for clothes and he already has a Coach diaper bag. True Tracie fashion! I can't wait to meet him in a couple of months!!
I hope everyone had a wonderful day and has a great week!
Love and curlz,

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  1. LOVE the cute little white dress..funny cause I'd been wanting a white summer dress for about 3 years and came across one a couple weeks ago at Gabriel Brothers..score!! It made my month!! Love your fathers day quote too..very touching!


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