Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Sister Thing

So today was a fun day of shopping with my little sister, Kaylen. I say "little" but she's 16. I'll probably always call her that. We were going to go to the flea market but daddy said it wasn't in a safe enough part of town for us to go we settled for the mall. =) We went to American Eagle first where I took advantage of a BOGO sale. (Since I don't work there anymore I can't afford to shop full price!) We poked around some more and saved the best for last: Forever 21. Can I get an amen? I bought two REALLY cute dresses. This being the first:

The second one is ever cuter and I can't find a picture of it, which really irks me. It's pale pink with black polka dots, tight, short and looks like it was taken off the set of I Love Lucy. I have NO idea where I'm going to wear it and NO idea what shoes I'm going to wear it with...but it was too cute NOT to buy. Especially for only being 11 dollars.

After my Forever 21 adventure we headed for home and belted out some Journey in the car. And it's lame but it made me day when I checked facebook and her status was "shopping with sis =)" I think (and hope) that me and Kaylen will end up being best friends.

Love and polka dots,


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