Sunday, July 25, 2010

Happy People

We have had one busy week! For starters, our good buddy from the Marine Corps, Eli, came to visit us! He just fit right in with our family and we had a ball! We played Wii and Rock Band and fixed him some good country cookin'.
Friday night my [baby] sister got her first car! A dark blue (almost black) Sante Fe. She was so surprised!
Her 4 foot nothing frame looks so tiny next to that SUV! This is the closest thing we have to a brother, David.

Saturday two high school friends of ours, Kristen and Brandon got married. Chris was a groomsman. He looked so handsome! Royal blue is really his color.

The top picture is us with the bride and groom 5 years ago. Chris and Brandon went to bootcamp at Parris Island together. This is when I was still just the girlfriend.

What a great week! I'm already ready for next weekend!

Love and happy couples,


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