Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fill in the Blank SATURDAY!

I'm a day late. Oh well. Yesterday we celebrated my dad's 50Th birthday! Just a little one last night. The real celebration will be Sunday night...but it's a surprise! Mom grilled burgers and my Martha Stewart little sister made him a caramel cake. Her bf and a couple of his football buddies came over and we sang Happy Birthday to him. It's so funny to sit around the table with three 16 year old boys and just listen to them talk. They're so funny.
Thursday was the first high school football game of the season! I went to Kaylen's pep rally with Mom and Dad. I looove pep rallies! The game that night was awesome. Just a great game. Kaylen is a cheerleader (a flyer to be specific) and I wore a little button with her face on it proudly. It's so cool to see the other cheerleaders hoist her up and toss her around.
Anyway here's Fill in the Blank [SATURDAY]!
1. The most adventurous thing I've ever done is ride the Sky Coaster in Gulf Shores. Terrifying!!
2. If I were a pair of shoes I would be a pair of gold flats. I live in flats and gold goes with just about everything. I have one pair that I've had since senior year and I won't get rid of them til they fall off my feet.
3. My preferred mode of digital communication is phone. I only text if I have a quick question.
4. I feel happiest when I have nothing better to do than read a book or magazine and just relax.
5. A little dream I have for my life is to be stay at home mom with about three kids. And a white picket fence wouldn't hurt either.
6. The one modern convenience I could not do without is Internet I guess! I love to surf.
7. Music, movies, TV or books. If I could only choose one to enjoy I would pick....Books. I absolutely love to read. Next would be music, then movies and lastly TV.

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  1. Just LOVE going to high school football games..I havent been to one in years! You reminded me of a pair of gold sandals I have in my closet..must get them out to wear!


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