Sunday, September 5, 2010

Emmy Fashion Thoughts

It's a little late...but better late than never!
The first on my fave list at #5 is Kelly Osbourne....2.0. She looks healthy, happy and confidant...not to mention beautiful. I love the fit of this dress and the pattern below the waist.
#4 is Claire Danes. Usually I'm not impressed with her fashion wise but she stunned me! The fit is perfect, the color is perfect, the sparkles are perfect! It's old Hollywood perfection. You go, Claire!
My #3 Christina Hendricks. She got hated on for this look but I adore it and I adore her. It's so feminine and light. I love the color with her complexion and her fiery red hair. Everyone had something to say about the cleavage, but I mean hey, she'd look ridiculous in anything with a high neck.
#2 Jenna Fischer. This was so unique! I love the unexpected color and the detailing at the top. It's so flowy and pretty. Props to Jenna for thinking outside the box.#1 and my fave fashionista at the Emmys is Emily Blunt! I can't stop looking at this dress. I love the color, the one shoulder and the precious detailing. And the hair I thought, fit perfectly. I even cut out a picture of this and pasted it in my fashion journal. =)

Love and lace,


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  1. Jenna Fischer's look is my favorite. Then again, that might be because I'm a Pam and Jim fanatic. :)


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