Sunday, September 5, 2010

A few of my favorite fall things...

Fall is my favorite time of the year...for a few reasons:
The colors!!! I love the changing of the leaves. I live in front of a 40 acre field and it's absolutely beautiful two times in the year: spring when all the little flowers/weeds bloom and AUTUMN when the surrounding trees are golden.
Alabama football!! My entire family are die hard Crimson Tide fans and we talk about it even when it's not football season. It's so exciting watching the games and there's nothing more heart pumping than GOING to one. "This is AAAAALABAMA FOOTBALL!" Awesome.

Halloween! My 2ND favorite holiday (the first being Christmas). It makes me feel like a kid again and I still dress up. Oh yes. And I probably always will. My sister is 16 and too old to trick or treat so I'm going to have to find a kid to take and score me some candy. =)
The fashion!! I love scarves, boots and jackets like these!! If I could have my way, in a few weeks I would have a new pea coat, a bomber, a tuxedo jacket and an army jacket.

Love and leaves,


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  1. I love fall, too. And I agree with all the reasons-- except football. You meant to say Tennessee football, right? :)


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