Saturday, October 16, 2010

Three Generations of Southern Women

Hello! Well, I had a great day today! To start off, me, my mother and my grandmother went out for a ladies day. We got lunch at Chick-Fil-A then hit up Tannehill's monthly Trade Day. It was great! Beautiful weather and LOTS of vintage finds! I went home with a few cute things, the most expensive being $4. I HAVE to post pics of my loot tomorrow. But here's some pics from the day:

All of these are salt and pepper shakers!:

Now for some randomness floating around in my head:
♥ I made my mother-in-law cry when I told her about my awesome dream I had last night.
♥ I really hate The View. I've tried watching it a couple of times, but couldn't stand it with all those chickens squawking over each other. And what Joy and Whoopi did to Bill O'Reilly was just ridiculous. I watch The O'Reilly Factor and I could never imagine him walking out on his GUEST because he didn't agree with them.
♥ I've started Christmas shopping. I'm DETERMINED not to wait til the last minute.
♥ This week at work Friday is PINK DAY in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. I think I'll wear a pepto pink polo and one of the three pairs of pink shoes.
♥ Does anyone know how to make a button for your blog? Let me know.
That's all for today!
Love and tea cups,

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  1. Wow that place loooks like alot of fun you guys went to!! LOVE those firepits! I can't watch "The View" either...all I've come close to is seeing clips of it on E! News from some totally ridiculous thing thats went on that got everyones attention (like Bill O'Reilly) and thats plenty enough for me! I'd get a headache if I actually watched a full show! I wished I could help you with the blog buttons..I've been wanting one myself for a long time but have NO clue! If you ever find out..let me know too!


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