Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hello, December.

Dear Christmas shopping,
I totally kicked your butt.
Ha!! I'm DONE shopping and never even entered a store. I will do my shopping online from here on out forever and ever amen. Now I all I do is sit back and wait for boxes to arrive on the front porch.
I'm running on about 3 hours of sleep. Last night bad storms came through. Means no sleep for Alyssa. Or Mom. Or Kaylen. We're wusses. Daddy was at the station so ALL THREE of us were in their bed. Kaylen gave herself plenty of spare room in the middle. When I asked her to scooch over a smidge she says "um no. My head will be in the crack." Her head would have been in between the two pillows and we can't have that. On top of that I worked overtime at work. So here I am, ready to collapse and get up and do it all over again tomorrow! Yeehaw!
Tomorrow is my parent's 26th wedding anniversary. We are going to Joe's Italian for dinner to celebrate. Hello, ravioli!
This month I turn 23. Strange. Very strange. And more than a little scary. I'm two years away from 25, which is only 5 years away from 30. Holy birthdays, Batman! I don't like it. I don't like it one bit. But life goes on. In the words of the one and only Dolly in Steel Magnolias: "Time marches and soon you realize it's marching over your face!" Or something like that. Please Lord, let me forget about the numbers and just be happy with whatever time I'm given.
I can't have a December/Christmas post without posting my wish list! It's relatively short this year. I mean, Kaylen is printing copies and color coding them for pete's sake. I know. Why did I have to bring Pete into this? He didn't do anything.
Here's my list!

A 3-barrel curling iron because I can't for the life of me curl my hair with a regular one. My mommy still has to do it. Pathetic.

Eclipse on DVD. I watched illegally night before last. Because I'm bad like that.

President Bush's new book. Yes, I'm a total nerd. A republican nerd.

ANYTHING from Forever 21.

Some kind of massage package. I love having my hair played with, my back scratched, just being TOUCHED in general. (That probably sounded creepier than I intended it to.)

The Clinique make-up brush kit. Because I've never had one before! I want ONE brush for lids, ONE brush for creases and ONE brush for blending!

An every year thing. VS pajamas. It's not Christmas unless Alyssa gets pajamas.

What's on YOUR Christmas list?

Love and stocking stuffers,


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