Monday, November 22, 2010

Letters to Me Pt. 4

Dear Alyssa,
Here I come ready or not!
I'm going to enjoy watching you sweat it out
at the mall looking for the perfect gift for
EVERYONE on your list.
Seasons Greetings!


I don't know why you even bought me.
I mean, you don't even have a skirt to wear with me.
I see those suede boots in your closet. We should meet.
Buy a khaki, pleated mini to wear with me...
if you have the grapes.
I don't think you do.
-your new knee high socks


KEEP it up. No really, keep it up.
Keep eating like a pig and not exercising.
After you binge over the holidays you'll need a
queen size bed. One side for each of us. Know
what we're getting your for Christmas???
An extra inch or two of jiggly!
-Your thighs.


Even when you can't feel me,
I'm still beating.
-Your heart



  1. I enjoy your letters to me posts! you crack me up, lady!

  2. I love these there lovely...I definitely feel like everyone should write little letters to themselves, there funny too especially the one from your socks. It sounds like a moan I'd have with myself after getting back from shopping..


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