Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Lovell Thanksgiving

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! Thursday my family on my mother's side got together at Nana and Don Don's house. A branch from Florida was up for the holiday and it was so good to see them! Here's a few pics:

Me with Kaylen and our cousins Chloe and Leah. Love those little girls!

Leah signing a card for our cousin, Jordan. He's at MCRD Parris Island. We're so proud of him! (Let me have a moto moment) Oorah!

Micah was slightly outnumbered. And we won't even talk about that game.

The hens all in the kitchen.

All the girls!
Kaylen, Chloe, Leah, myself, LB and Emily.

And all the youngins!
Sarah, Bailey, Colin and Gavin (cousins from Florida. Aren't they handsome?!) and Caleb in the front row.

The little ones playing beauty shop.

My fave part!!

It's officially the Christmas season and I love it! This is my favorite time of year!! Our Christmas lights are up, 96.5 is playing all Christmas music, and I bought some apple cider tonight. All that's left to do is buy some wrapping paper and put up the tree! I pretty much finished my shopping today....via interwebs. So easy. I'm not going to want to go back to work after four days off!
Love and food,

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