Friday, December 31, 2010

To resolute or not to resolute?

It's that time of year again. Time to ring in the new year with promises we'll keep til about January 15. I'm torn about making one this year. I want to live healthier. I need to start going to the gym to take off some of these extra few pounds. But I know if I say "well my resolution is to work out X times a week and diet" I'll feel like a fat slob when I've already given up two weeks in. I'm not good about finishing things I start. I get bored and usually give up. But that would make kind of a redundant resolution wouldn't it? "My New Years resolution is to finish my New Years resolution! Yeah!" But I CAN start small. A good way would be this 30 day photo challenge. I mean, it doesn't say I have to do it in 30 consecutive days right? Here we go:

30 Day Photo Challenge Day 1: A photo of yourself with 10 facts.

1. My dad got the idea for my name from Alyssa Milano. He just tweaked the pronunciation.

2. I'm a Titanic nerd. I've been fascinated by it since my dad took me to see the movie when I was 11.

3. I was baptized once when I was 6. Six years later I believed I wasn't old enough to understand what I did the first time and was baptized again. I'm for SURE saved now!

4. I've had glasses since I was 4. I'm considering lasic eye surgery but I'm afraid I would lose past of my identity without my specs.

5. I think it would be cool if women wore dresses everyday for every occasion.

6. The softest spot in my heart is reserved for animals. Especially cats. Especially mine.

7. I made some of the greatest friends I'll ever have in mine and my husband's time in the Marine Corps. It just makes me sad that we're scattered all over the globe.

8. I love to read!! It's a dream of mine to be locked in a Barnes and Noble for a day by myself. I could read whatever I wanted and no one would judge me for it! Ha!

9. I was born 5 days before Christmas and I hate being a Christmas baby.

10. I've learned in the past 5 years that you never know how strong you can be until you have to be.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

So people on facebook believed I was pregnant because of my status. It said "A baby changes everything. Merry Christmas!" A baby?! As in baby JESUS?! Good grief.
Merry Christmas from me to you!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

When did that happen?

I turn 23 tomorrow. When did that happen? When did I get old? I don't feel 23. I still feel 19. Today we're going to watch the choir Christmas program at church and tonight my family and our best friends are taking me to Sumo's and Yogurt Mountain. YUM!! I've been craving shrimp in that orange sauce. I accidentally saw my cake when mom brought it in. It's so pretty! Hot pink and black. Pictures to come later (duh).
I could go on and on about how strange it is to be turning 23. My life is not turning out anything like I expected it would be now. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing yet. I thought I'd have a house and kid by now. That was the plan. Instead I live with my parents and have two cats (who I love by the way). Yea...didn't see all that coming. I guess life never has to turn out the way you pictured it.
It's totally cliche but it's true. In the end everything will be OK. If it's not OK, then it can't be the end.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

My Christmas Kittehs!

Mommy's little reindeer! Gus Gus.

Dixie Girl. She was thrilled.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Fave Commercials


Kate, the lucky girl!

Have you seen the new IT couple's official engagement photos??? Love it!! And that rock. Good grief. I can't WAIT til their wedding. I hope it's a big televised affair. Can you imagine how exciting and scary it must be to know that you're about to marry the future King of your country. Not to mention the figure that she's naturally going to be compared to. The pressure! But here's to the happy couple!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Unveiling.

Welp! Here it is! I decided I needed a slightly drastic change. And this to me is slightly drastic! So far I've been told I look like Kristen Stewart, Katy Perry, Audrey Hepburn and Cleopatra. Haha. Quite a collection. I can't wait til they grow out about 3/4 of an inch so I can wear them straight across or sweep them to the side.
I hope everyone is having a great Christmas season. Today was the annual Hueytown parade. I hadn't been to one in three years, so this was fun for me. I heart parades.
Love and change,

Friday, December 10, 2010

Quote of the Moment

"The greater your capacity to love, the greater your capacity to feel the pain." ~ Jennifer Anniston

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wee bit of a big scare

I got the absolute worst scare of my life last night. I was asleep and Kaylen came to my door and said "Alyssa?" I thought at first it was 6:30 and it was just time to wake up. Then she said "Alyssa? I don't feel right". Or something to that affect. I think I was still half asleep. I got up and went to her and asked what the heck was wrong. She started crying and said "I stomach hurt really bad...I thought I was gonna throw up and now I feel like I'm gonna pass out..." I wrap my arms around her waist to hug and console her. I said "its OK, let's get you to the couch". She mumbles ..."I am gonna pass out..." and goes limp in my arms. I have her in the crook of my arm and see her eyes open and rolling back in her head. FREAK OUT! I'm calling her name, patting her face, trying to gently put her on the floor and SCREAMING for dad at the same time. She's out. Mama and Daddy come running (dad grabbed his gun first thinking someone was breaking in). By the time they rounded the corner she was coming to and didn't remember any of it. OH MY GOSH. Nearly gave me a dang heart attack. Dad (being a firefighter/EMT) took her blood pressure, heart rate and all that and found nothing wrong. She got up and went to school this morning like nothing happened. We still don't know what might have caused it.
Moving on...

{one} if you were granted three wishes, what would they be?
Long, healthy lives for my family.
A trip to Disneyworld. Yeeea.

{two} who is your favorite author?
Danielle Steel. I've read a lot of hers.

{three} what crowd were you involved in during high school?
Hm...I don't think anyone ever knows what group they belong in. For a while I was a drama nerd. This I know. My long time group was a mix between skaters and nerds.

{four} what is your favorite thing to do when you have time to yourself?
Read. I loooove to read.

{five} do you have any hidden talents?
People who didn't go to church with me before I was about 14 don't know that I can sing.

{six} can you fake any accents?
Ha. Nope. My everyday accent is too thick.

{seven} have you ever been mentioned in the newspaper?
Yes! The first time was in kindergarten when I won the award for Highest Academic.

{eight} have you ever been arrested?
Nope! No reason to be!

{nine} what is your favorite job you’ve had?
The one I have now.

{ten} do you have any scars?
On my elbow from falling...and then skidding on the bicycle.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Fill in the Blank...Sunday?

Yep. I'm two days late. Whatever.

1. Holiday spirit makes me cry. Christmas is so beautiful to me! The music, the lights, the family time....

2. The holidays are incomplete without cider, putting up the Christmas tree together, Hueytown, parade, the candlelight Memorial at the cemetery, the choir's Christmas program at church, Christmas Eve at Nana's house.

3. My favorite thing to do around the holidays is wrapping presents while drinking cider.

4. A holiday tradition my family and I have is putting the tree up together. And on Christmas morning we get up and dad plays Santa and hands out the gifts.

5. Holiday music is awesome! I freaking love Christmas music! I have all the radios on all Christmas all the time!!

6. This year, I'll be spending the holidays with my family. Nowhere else I'd rather be.

7. Holiday wish list: Look HERE.
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