Sunday, December 5, 2010

Fill in the Blank...Sunday?

Yep. I'm two days late. Whatever.

1. Holiday spirit makes me cry. Christmas is so beautiful to me! The music, the lights, the family time....

2. The holidays are incomplete without cider, putting up the Christmas tree together, Hueytown, parade, the candlelight Memorial at the cemetery, the choir's Christmas program at church, Christmas Eve at Nana's house.

3. My favorite thing to do around the holidays is wrapping presents while drinking cider.

4. A holiday tradition my family and I have is putting the tree up together. And on Christmas morning we get up and dad plays Santa and hands out the gifts.

5. Holiday music is awesome! I freaking love Christmas music! I have all the radios on all Christmas all the time!!

6. This year, I'll be spending the holidays with my family. Nowhere else I'd rather be.

7. Holiday wish list: Look HERE.

1 comment:

  1. Lovely wishlist, dear. :)
    If you don't get the Clinique makeup kit, Target sells a Sonia... something with a K for a last name... kit for $20. Peachy.:)


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