Sunday, December 19, 2010

When did that happen?

I turn 23 tomorrow. When did that happen? When did I get old? I don't feel 23. I still feel 19. Today we're going to watch the choir Christmas program at church and tonight my family and our best friends are taking me to Sumo's and Yogurt Mountain. YUM!! I've been craving shrimp in that orange sauce. I accidentally saw my cake when mom brought it in. It's so pretty! Hot pink and black. Pictures to come later (duh).
I could go on and on about how strange it is to be turning 23. My life is not turning out anything like I expected it would be now. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing yet. I thought I'd have a house and kid by now. That was the plan. Instead I live with my parents and have two cats (who I love by the way). Yea...didn't see all that coming. I guess life never has to turn out the way you pictured it.
It's totally cliche but it's true. In the end everything will be OK. If it's not OK, then it can't be the end.


  1. Aw hon, you're still so young & dont worry about your life not being where you thought it would be. I'm going on 28 in a month or so & I still feel like I'm 19 lol, I wish I was anyway. Im married but we're as financially stable as I wish we'd be, either way happiness is what's the most important.

    Hope you have a great birthday tomorrow!

  2. Happy birthday (tomorrow)!!! 23 is still VERY young..when you turn 30 you'll look back and wonder where your 20's went! Your cake sounds sooo pretty! Can't wait to see the pics!

  3. Happy Belated B'day, you are so young, plus beautiful!!
    Have a wonderful Christmas too dear~



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