Sunday, January 2, 2011

Always a bridesmaid...

I freakin' love weddings. I wish I had a dozen engaged best friends so I could be in ALL their weddings. As it turns out, I do have one engaged best friend. Marissa. She was one of my maids of honor in my wedding and I'm so happy I get to return the favor this April.

My dress in that color!

Day 3 Photo Challenge: A photo of the cast from your favorite TV show.

The OC. I made fun of my husband because he watched it in Iraq. I started watching it with him from the beginning when he came back and got HOOKED instantly. I think I've seen every episode now and I could watch the entire series from front to back again. I think I watch it for the fashion just as much as the story line. My only gripe is it's a shame Mischa Barton wasn't killed off sooner.


  1. You crack me up. I as SO shocked when they killed her off! Then again, I wasn't a fan.. ;)

    ps: You look lovely in your wedding dress. I hadn't seen it before! And weddings are THE BEST. I've only been to two!

  2. Oh I LOVED the OC when it was on! Miss that show!! Love your wedding pics!


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