Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 7...I think.

I've had a really good week and a fun night to start the weekend off. I started learning my new position at work and tonight I went with a friend to a co-worker's birthday party. It was at a restaurant/bar called Superior Grill. There were cupcakes (the birthday girl's fave), football on every TV, drinks and a live cover band. Yours truly even danced a little bit. =)

We are supposed to be getting a blizzard (about 7 inches) here Sunday and it might stick around a few days after that. I'm actually excited! So what if the power goes out?! Give me a blanket, a flashlight and a book and I'm good to go. I bet all the grocery stores in town are out of bread and milk.

I think I got my days mixed up with my photo challenge and said that yesterday was day 5. Well it wasn't. It was in fact day 6. TODAY is day 7:

Photo Challenge Day 7 (or 6):
A photo of my most treasured item.

It's not a very good picture but this is a charm bracelet I got at my graduation ladies only luncheon. I had no idea this was the plan. On the invites, my mother requested that instead of gifts everyone bring a charm that reminds them of me. This is what came of it. There's a charm from all the women on both sides of my family. It was such a special day. There's a heart that says "sister" from Kaylen, a butterfly (representing a free spirit) from my cousin, Emily, a chapel with a bride and groom inside from Tracie because I was just in her wedding and she would soon be in mine, and a kitty cat playing on a blue call of yarn from my cousin, Debbie. That one is one of my favorites. She chose that one first of all for the color of the yarn. It's our birthstone and it's special because we share the same birthday. She chose the cat to represent my playfulness when I was a child.
Looking at it, is just a reminder that I'm loved. It's something I'll cherish forever.

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  1. Beautiful! What an awesome gift that doubles as a great memory and reminder of all the women that love you :)


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