Sunday, January 16, 2011

The most wonderful time of the year!

Yay for award season!! I must say last night was an interesting night for fashion. It seemed to me like simple elegance was the theme (well for the most part). And here are my humble opinions on some of the nights looks:

Slinky. Sexy. Angeline Jolie. Loved it. Perfect yet unexpected color. And kudos to Ang for not wearing black!

I love Helen Mirren but I've seen her look so much better. And I'm not crazy about the hair cut either.

This photo doesn't do the color of Claire Dane's dress justice. I thought it looked great on her.

Tilda Swinton. What else would you expect from her?

Dear Halle Berry,
Thank you for reminding us again that you're 40 something and hot.
We appreciate it.

Kristen Hendricks just can't get a bad dress.

Michelle Williams is so cute! Such a flattering fit and I love the little daisies!

Tina Fey. Wrong. Wrong. All wrong. This dress made her look 20 years older and 20 lbs. heavier.

OMG. Perfection from Anna Hathaway! (My pick for best dressed.)

While I appreciate Jenny from the Block's attempt at modesty I wasn't crazy about this. I would have like it if the lace and sparkles were on the dress and arms instead of on a weird shawl thing.

Just no, Heidi Klum. Just no.


Hello, Sandra Bullock! LOVED IT! And loved her haircut!! (Which is not that much unlike mine).

I ADORE this look on Catherine Zeta Jones. The color is perfect for her and I'm a sucker for a ball gown.

I actually really like this look on Leighton Meester. It's so old-fashioned but so sexy.

Hottie Mila Kunis. I'm dying to see Black Swan now.

I'm never impressed with Julianne Moore.

Scarlett Jo, of how I love thee in all your old Hollywood glamor glory.

I hope I wasn't the only one asking "what in the heck happened to Emma Stone?!" Lay off the fake baking and sue whoever colored your hair.

If I could have any face in the world, it just might January Jones'. And the body's not bad either. And the dress isn't bad on it!

Cutest pregnant woman ever! This was the perfect dress for Natalie Portman. I love the red rose detail.

I'm not a Lea Michele fan (I've heard she's a little diva), but I love this sweet sweet dress. This is something I could see myself wearing...ya know...if I was famous.

Helena Bonham Carter.
I wouldn't love her any other way.

Kaley Cuoco, this isn't prom, sweetheart.

Olivia Wilde! An edgy, sparkly ball gown?! Yes, please!!
Crap! I forgot to tape Fashion Police!


  1. I wasnt a big fan of Angelina Jolie's dress, I think it was the large shoulders that threw it off for me but I love that she didnt wear black. My faves have to be Mila Kunis & Anne Hathaway...they looked so beautiful!

  2. Loved Catherine's dress too!! It was one of my favs of the top pick had to go to Eva Longoria..gorgeous!!


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