Saturday, January 1, 2011

Photo Challenge Day 2

In case you were wondering, I decided NOT to make a New Years Resolution. Ha! Stick it. Yesterday me and Chris took the kids to vet because someone was throwing up. Turns out Dixie is dehydrated and some of her levels were elevated. Poor baby just doesn't feel good! Hopefully after the injection they gave her and the pills I'm supposed to give her wrapped in treats will help. I can't stand to see her so lackadaisical. And it's so funny because Gus just sits and watches her like he wants her to get better!
I had a pretty uneventful New Years. Nothing real exciting to talk about.
BUT here's my next photo challenge.

A photo of you and the person you have been closest with the longest:

My sister, Kaylen. She's 6 years younger than me. About to turn 17. We were playmates when we were little and grew apart when we got to the ages where we just couldn't relate to each other. Now since getting married, moving away and moving back, we're closer than ever and it makes me so happy. She's a junior in high school and a flyer on the cheerleading squad. It blows my mind to think how old she is and how beautiful she's become. She's been an angel to me going through hard times and is always there to dry tears or just sit and listen and tell me everything will be OK. She might can't relate but I can tell her my secrets knowing she won't judge me or spill any beans. I hope she knows I think of her as a friend but still as her big sister and I'll always try to protect her.

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