Monday, January 24, 2011

Rough day

Today hasn't been the greatest. Justin's funeral was this morning. Which for a funeral it really wasn't that bad. His own father gave an invitation at the end of the service. That's just divine strength right there. I don't understand how his parents are standing. Much less talking and smiling. Justin was an eagle scout so at the grave site they folded up the flag that was draped over his casket and handed it to his mother. I lost it. My goodness.
After the funeral I changed into sweats and went back to work and got stressed out.
After work I ran home and got ready for Kaylen's football banquet. I got the bright idea to wear a corset under this tight dress. MISTAAAAKE!!! I was in pain the entire time and I didn't even sit through half of the banquet. I watched Kaylen do her thing and then split. I was ready to either pass out or throw up. Good grief.
So here I am relieved of my cage and finally in the bed, where I've wanted to be all day.
Maybe tomorrow will be better.
Day 18:
A picture of my biggest insecurity.

My smile. So it's not my biggest insecurity but I don't feel like posting a picture of my biggest insecurity so eat it. I don't particularly like my smile because it's "gummy". Every time someone pulls out a camera I catch myself trying to fix it. But this is my natural, big smile!


  1. Oh I hate my smile I know how you feel. But yours is lovely I think! Hope tomorrow is a better day for you..funerals are tough enough..let alone when its a young person.

  2. I think you have a great smile! I also have a bit of a "gummy" smile but it it what it is :)


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