Monday, February 7, 2011


Had a bad day. I'm beginning to see a pattern here. Maybe it was because it was Monday, but the day just started off bad. I woke up fighting mad. The day got worse and I was ready cry. And a HUGE "thank you" to whoever left me a sweet little surprise on my locker at work. I have (had) stickers that spell out my name on my locker. Someone threw out some letters, rearranged and just left "ass". You absolutely suck. You made a crap day that much worse. You can kiss my...well you know.
The only good thing about my day was that we had birthday cake for all the February birthdays. And I got an edge piece. And it was chocolate frosting. Cake fixes everything.
Day 23 (figured it out).
A picture of my favorite book.

Yes, I Twilight. Wanna fight about it? (Sorry, not going to that dark place again.) If you haven't read them, don't let the movies ruin it for you. The books are AMAZING. The original and Breaking Dawn are my faves but I've read the entire saga three times. (Nerd.)

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