Saturday, March 26, 2011

Got my car!

I bought my first car today!! A 2010 fire engine red Nissan Versa. I found it last night and decided on it this morning. I HATE making decisions! It took me a good solid minute to decide if I wanted a pop tart or cheese curlz out of the vending machine at CarMax. But this car just looks like Alyssa! Pictures later!
Tonight my stomach is in knots because of the weather. Tis the season for tornadoes to fall out of the sky. In case of hail we crammed my car, Kaylen's Sante Fe, and my mom's minivan in our 2 car garage. It's a good thing dad is at the station tonight so he can park his truck in the bay.
I'm exhausted so tomorrow looks like it's going to be a TV/movie day with the husband.
Day 8: What's in my bag?!

1. a random notepad
2. my planner
3. a button from the annual Halloween trick or treating at Tannehill State park
4. my glasses case
5. keys to my new car!!
6. hair brush to swoop my bangs out of the way
7. my camera (this photo taken with my mom's camera)
8. cell and wallet (a very tiny wallet)
9. headache meds
10. cheese curlz from CarMax today
11. random USB
12. Burts Bee's lip gloss and my favorite lipstick
13. earrings that got thrown in my purse and two hair clippies, just in case

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  1. Yay for the new car! I think the Versa's are super cute. I was trying to talk my mom into trading in her giant Excursion for a Versa but it was a no go :(

    Ha, you have the smallest wallet cute.


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