Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I was a heavy heart to carry...

Today had to have been one of the longest days on record. I've felt EXHAUSTED. All I've been thinking about since I woke up was how much I wanted to go back to sleep.
Day 4 of Lists:
Today's Playlist.
In case you can't read the teeny tiny type at the bottom it's "Heavy in your Arms" by Florence and the Machine. This is possibly one of my new favorite songs. And I don't throw the word "favorite" around willy nilly.
"Broken" came on my Pandora at work and I was sitting there literally holding back tears. I haven't heard this song in forever and it reminds me of deployment. It really makes me feel like Chris is in Iraq again. I remember sitting at the computer, right after he left for his first tour, listening to this song, looking at pictures of us and just crying my eyes out.
Moving on.
I'm going to bed and (hopefully) getting some good sleep.

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