Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"I'm late for a very important date..."

I'm going to make this short. My body hurts from the gym and my face hurts from sobbing during "Coming Home" and I am just about to fall asleep.

List 11

Date Ideas:

These are some of my faves. Playing mini-golf brings out the competitor in us. He used to let me win. No he actually tries...and I still win. Chris is a huge sports fan in general but we both pull for the Atlanta Braves and I like going to sporting events with him. I think he thinks it's cute that he has to explain what's happening to me. The zoo, to me, never gets old. I could go 1,000 times and every time it'll be like I've never it before.

The picture above was taken on a memorable date we had last spring.

Ya know what? When you're with the right person there's nothing wrong with dinner and a movie either.

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  1. We always opt for dinner & a movie. Sometimes we'll plan trips to the zoo or bowling but dinner & movie always seems to win lol.


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