Monday, March 21, 2011

"Looking Forward to it!"

Still no car for me. We had an appointment to go look at a Liberty this dealer was getting in. We got there and he was all excited to show it to me. Said he'd set it aside and even put a little "sold" sign in the window so no one could get it. He was so proud.
It was the wrong car. It was a Jeep WRANGLER! Bless his heart! I felt so bad for him! He was so embarrassed.
Me and the husband watched "The Last Exorcism" tonight. Nothing will ever compare to the original. Because of the weird ending, I'm not as scared to shut my eyes as I should be. But just in case I wake up and think I see a chick in a white night gown standing over me, my sister's room is right down the hall.
Day 3 of Lists!

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  1. You got a nice little list going on there, ha-ha. I too look forward to a lot of that, especially a vacation {to anywhere}!


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