Thursday, March 3, 2011

Playing Catch Up.

I'm a really bad blogger. Here's the past week for me.

The best thing about the Oscars was this. I wish I was an A-cup so I could wear this without looking like a wanna-be porn star.

I went shopping and actually spent money. Shocker. These shoes at Forever 21 was one purchase. Along with sunglasses also from Forever 21 and boyfriend jeans at AE. Spending money feels too good.
My babies turned two yesterday!! Chris and I were reminiscing about the day we brought them home. They were so tiny! I could hold them both, one in each hand. Gus was freaking out on the drive him in the little box they put them in. He managed to just squeeze his head out of the top of the box. He looked like he was being born. When we got home, Dixie disappeared under the couch and carved herself a hiding place in the lining.
Don't let the picture fool you. Gus is a party animal.

Photo Challenge Day Whatever:
A picture of something that means a lot to me.

My wedding rings. He put my engagement ring on my finger two days before I turned 18. He slipped the band on my finger April 28th, 2007 and it hasn't left since.

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