Sunday, April 3, 2011


As soon as I read what today's prompt was, I knew it would be a short list. Hueytown is a great town to grow up, raise a family and retire happy. There's just not much to do within city limits. The best thing you can do here is catch a high school football game. We had a phenomenal team last year and the greatest high school quarterback in the country. And a pretty cool cheer squad. =) Friday night football games are electric. The whole town (of about 15,000) shows up.

Gus's Hot Dogs is a little whole in the wall of a restaurant that makes THE best hot dogs you've ever had. The owner is on Chris' bowling league.

There's more to do AROUND Hueytown (Baron's baseball, McWane Center, Birmingham Zoo, Riverchase Galleria) BUT not so much IN HYT.

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