Saturday, April 9, 2011

Is this really my Saturday?

Today hasn't been one of the greatest Saturdays. My throat started hurting last night and by this morning I sounded like Carl from Slingblade (french fried taters..mmmm). Looks like my sinuses finally caught up with me. Then my dad told me that he saw Gus throw up two or three times that morning. So me and the husband got up and ran some errands (picked up dry-cleaning, wal-mart, dug some shoes out of storage) and then took my Gus Gus to the vet. He HATES the vet. Cried ALL the way there in his little cage. And not little meek meows. Loud, "get me #$!@ outta here" wails. His favorite nurse was there but even that didn't calm his cattitude. I paid $200 for them to run tests and tell me to gradually switch his food. But it's whatever. I had an easier time paying $200 to make sure my baby was OK than I did paying $80 to get a car tag Thursday.

Tomorrow is Tristan's baby dedication so we're all visiting David and Tracie's church in the morning. I know I'm going to cry. The little guy owns me. After that is catered lunch at their home. They always have the best food at their parties.

Speaking of food, List 19 is "Recipes I'd Like to Try". This perplexed me because I don't really cook and there are none that I'm just dying to try. After thinking about it, only one really came to mind:

That's right. Apple pie. I love me some apple pie. I bet it would be fun to make and even more fun to eat.

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  1. I've always wanted to try making apple pie but am afraid I'd screw it up, lol.


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