Saturday, April 2, 2011

My Productive Day

Today has been a great day to myself mostly. I had the house to myself (that rarely happens). I got showered and dressed and did laundry (which I rarely do). Not only that, but I cleaned out my closet of shirts and shoes that I don't wear anymore and cleaned and sanitized the kids litter box. I let the box soak in bleach and Gus looked very confused when I sat down a shoe box with litter in it. His face was like "is this a joke? April Fool's was yesterday, mom."

Tonight me and the husband finally watched Black Swan. I'm still not sure what I just saw. I can definitely see why Natalie won Best Actress though.

Tomorrow we're going to the Tornado Alley Imax we've (me, Daddy and Kaylen) been dying to see!

List 15:

Is it sad that I thought to get them a brush before food?

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