Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kim K

I got my weekly issue of Life & Style (my fave magazine) in the mail yesterday. One of the headlines read "KIM'S WEDDING IN CRISIS". This girl needs a serious reality check.

I realize the irony in my own words since her entire life is a reality show. Is there really any point in a 2 MILLION dollar engagement ring other than to say "look how much money I have" and "my ring is bigger than yours"? No. Buy a nice ONE million dollar ring for the princess and then give the OTHER million to a worthy cause. Nope! Gotta use that other million on a few more karats. Nothing but 20 karats for Kim! Honey, you've been together 8 months. Like every other whirlwind Hollywood romance your publicity stunt marriage will last maybe 6 months. A year tops. I can give credit where credit is due. Her face is stunning to behold...I'm just tired of beholding it EVERYWHERE.

Speaking of faces, is there any face more offensive to the eyes than Tori Spelling's?

I don't think so.


  1. Bwahaha I love this post & it's so true...both of them! I've always thought Tori Spelling was weird looking & her boobs totally creep me out.

  2. i love your blog :) keep writing please!

  3. I like that phrase. "Her face is stunning to behold...I'm just tired of beholding it EVERYWHERE." Laughing out loud.


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