Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tattoos and Chivalry. Delicious Combination.

Got my Life and Style yesterday! Whatever day it comes on, THAT'S my favorite day of the week.

This week's big story was Lindsay Lohan's house arrest. A two page spread of her whining about how it sucks to be locked in a huge house with lots of stuff and how she's changed (for real this time). Pathetic. And who puts wall-sized portraits of themselves in their house?

I have become totally OBSESSED with Sons of Anarchy. I didn't think I would like this show when Chris suggested we watch it on Netflix. We just finished season 1 tonight and we've got two more full seasons to watch before season 4 starts in September. I find myself wanting to get a pair of motorcycle boots and a "ride til I die" tattoo. Probably need a bike first.

Speaking of tattoo, I HAVE been seriously considering taking a leap and getting another one. Something like this pretty owl for my dad (wisdom. get it?). Probably not anytime soon though. I mean I "seriously considered" it for two years before I got the one that I have.

I cannot WAIT for the weekend. Saturday we're going to the river with some friends. Maybe I can get an ounce of a tan. I'm kinda pasty since I quit fake baking. Pale isn't hot but you know what else isn't hot? Melanoma.

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  1. Lindsay Lohan...oh boy is she a freakin' wreck!

    Sons of Anarchy has got to be one of the BEST shows I've ever seen! I've never missed an episode and can tell you that it only gets better with every season ;)

    Love that Owl!


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