Sunday, July 31, 2011

I'm back!

Hello, all!
We got back yesterday from vacay. Sooo did not want to leave. We had a great time and didn't come back broke! That's always good. The resort was amazing. Everything I'd hoped it would be. We played four rounds of putt-putt (we are such tourists) and Chris beat me every time. We did the human maze. Screw that. Took me 32 minutes to find my way out, BAKING in the Florida sun the entire time. We hung out in the pool with our Pineapple Willy's souvenir cups just talking. It's always hard coming back from vacation, especially when you've looked forward to it for so long. I feel like I was yacking about it for months and now it's over! But it was so worth the wait. Chris reminded me yesterday while I was pouting on the way home that we still have a lot to look forward to. We're buckling down and getting a house in (hopefully) the next month. And the next vacation...Disneyworld in March!! OMG!! I haven't been since I was 18 for my graduation gift from my parents. Now we're going for Kaylen's! So begins a new countdown!
(A really nice random lady on the beach took this. It's hard to get good pictures when it's just the two of you!)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cat got your tongue?

I'd like to point out that I have nothing interesting to say right now except (once again) that I'm stupid happy about vacation. We leave Monday!
For real though, I feel like I'm in a mental slump. I don't knot what to blog about. I can't decide what I feel like reading. I don't know what to eat at supper time. Maybe this vacation will give me a boost.
Ooh! Here's something. I told you I'd become obsessed with Sons of Anarchy. Well we finished Season 2 and didn't realize that the 3rd season hasn't even been released yet. Bummer. But thanks to Netflix we've found another show to throw ourselves into til August 31st: Rescue Me. Dennis Leary is a NYC firefighter dealing with the stresses of a post 9/11 life. And oh yeah, he sees the occasional dead person. Awesome. This show is a tad more relatable for me. My dad is in fact a firefighter and NOT a gun-running biker. If you've watched an episode you know the cool music at the beginning. Every time it comes on I picture the firefighters I know and what if we had a TV show. It could happen.
Here's a picture of my dad (in the sunglasses) during rescue efforts after the April 27th tornadoes:
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