Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wisdom teeth..or lack thereof.

Holy crap I'm a terrible blogger. I had my wisdom teeth (all four) removed Friday morning. I was so scared I was crying in the chair. The last thing I remember, after getting the IV and the gas mask the doc said "Alyssa, can you scoot up in your chair?" And I thought "duh, of course I can" and lights out. I woke up in a different room. Still don't know how I got there. Chris taped my awakening on his phone. Not cute. My cheeks were stuffed with gauze, my eyes were wondering and I said "do I look pretty?" Chris' answer? "As gorgeous as ever". Ha!
Who's had their wisdom teeth removed? I ask because my head is still completely swimmy and dizzy. I was on hydrocodon (sp?) but couldn't even function on it so Monday I switched to Advil every 4 hours religiously. It's Wednesday and I left work today because I felt so awful. My lower left side is still pretty painful. It was all bony and junk. Ugh. So for those of you who have had it done, how long did it hurt? How long until you were completely recovered and eating regular again?
I'm so sick of yogurt.

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  1. Oh you poor thing! Sorry, no advice to give cause I've actually avoided the dentist for this very reason. He wants them out & I dont want to have to deal with the aftermath, haha.

    Also, your hubs is super sweet :)


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